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How to Play Checkers Online

One of the oldest games in history, checkers —also known as Draughts—is a game with a history that stretches back thousands of years. The idea is simple—players line their pieces up on a 10 x 10 board and move diagonally, jumping over opposing pieces to claim them. It’s a game with endless strategic possibilities, which is why it has stood the test of time. Checkers is a perfect game for smart devices. Dragging and dropping pieces feels natural and is an exciting way to play which means games are quick to complete. Playing online means you will never lose a piece and you don’t have to tidy the board away afterwards!

What You Need

All of our free Checkers games can be played on just about any device you can imagine—from your smartphone to your smart TV. As long as it has a web browser then you’re good to go! It could not be easier!

How to Win at Checkers!

Control the center! The four center squares in particular provide a huge strategic advantage in checkers. If you occupy the central squares you will have a better chance of controlling the game. Avoid leaving isolated pieces! Make sure that when you move a piece you are not giving your opponent any opportunity to make jumps and take your pieces.Plan ahead! Think ahead and anticipate your opponent’s next two or three moves. Consider possible responses and reactions from your opponent before making any move. Losing a piece is not always a problem! Sacrificing a piece strategically can sometimes give you a positional advantage or it can create opportunities for jumps in future moves. Get to the other side! When you reach your opponent’s back row you can crown your piece. Once they are a king they can move forward and backwards, giving you a huge advantage.

Checkers Games Here at GamePix

There are lots of variations of checkers for you to try here at GamePix. Even though the game has remained largely unchanged for thousands of years, there have been hundreds of variations released in the past few decades, many of which offer surprisingly deep and inventive twists on the standard formula. At GamePix, we have some of the best possible checkers games available online. Angry Checkers disregards the rules you are familiar with and uses the board as an opportunity to knock your opponent’s pieces off the board. All the best games have unique variations, and this is perfect, good-humored escapism. It’s good to know that if you ever want to let some anger out, Angry Checkers is always there for you. A sharp mind is essential for Reversi Mania, which allows you to play checkers with reversible pieces. You win by making your color the dominant one on the board. Each Reversi piece has a black side and a white side. If you are playing against the computer or against a real person the objective is the same—to win! Nine Men’s Morris is a strategy board game for two players dating back as far as the Roman Empire. This is a game that has always been associated with checkers as it is often printed on the reverse side of a checkers board. If you have ever enjoyed checkers, it’s likely you will love Nine Men’s Morris, with its strategic and competitive gameplay. The game was even mentioned as far back as A Midsummer Night's Dream. Titania refers to "The nine men's morris filled with mud." Maybe even William Shakespeare was a fan of the game!

Facts About Online Checkers

You might be surprised to learn that checkers has been a hugely significant game in the development of artificial intelligence. The first checkers program that was able to beat a human player was developed in 1956 and it has not stopped developing since then. AI developers have always used checkers as a testing ground for the development of algorithms. It’s for these reasons playing checkers online is so appealing and so popular.

Long Term Benefits of Playing Checkers Online

Keeping your brain occupied is vital, no matter what your age. Research has shown that people who play games like checkers, card games and chess are more likely to maintain healthy cognitive function in their older years. Playing checkers online teaches patience and perseverance. The mental stimulation provided by checkers can help with problem solving and decision making throughout your day and relieve those moments of boredom. Every time you are playing one of the GamePix checkers games you are remembering rules, patterns and tactics, and using parts of your brain you might not otherwise have been activating.

Traditional Checkers Versus Playing Online

People will always play checkers in the traditional way, physically moving your own pieces and enjoying the satisfaction of taking your opponent’s pieces off the board. For many people learning to play has been a bonding experience with a loved one. Early memories of being taught how to play a game are a precious experience. Playing checkers online offers the exact same enjoyment. Those who have never played online will be pleasantly surprised at the fun and thrills you can have playing checkers on a screen. Plus, the ability to play with different people across the world is something that will always give an extra level of excitement. By playing against other players or against the computer program, you can get better, learn new tricks and tactics and keep on having fun. Whether playing online or with a real board, the aim is still the same—to win!


How long does a game of checkers take?

Some games can be over in minutes. The more skilled you are or the better matched to an opponent you are, the longer the game can take. Did you know the longest game in the history of Checkers lasted 26 hours, consisting of an incredible 155 moves! This was between a computer program and a world champion called Marion Tinsley, who was renowned for his defensive and strategic playing style. Perhaps inevitably, after all those hours, the game ended in a draw!

Can I play against my friends?

Some of the checkers games here at GamePix allow for challenging your friends. We would suggest Master Checkers Multiplayers, where you give yourself a nickname and set up your own room which anyone can join or set up a private password that you share with friends who can join you in your own mini-league.

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