Horse games

Wishful Thinking

Horses are beautiful creatures, but sadly they are unlikely pets for most people since they require a lot of food, space and equipment. But don’t worry, there’s still a way to fulfill your equestrian dreams—by playing some horse games! What better way to indulge your fantasy?

Here is a list of fun things you might want to do with horses that you can enjoy in horse games:

  • Grooming: Surely one of the best parts of owning a horse would be getting to brush them—and perhaps style their mane and tail in interesting ways. You still get the chance to do this when you’re playing horse games, and there are often a variety of cute styles to try.
  • Ride fast: The most thrilling part of owning a horse seems to be how fast you can go on their backs! You can simulate this experience in games without the danger of falling off!
  • Jumping: Jumping on horseback must feel like being on a living, breathing rollercoaster. You can fly through the air with ease and execute the most perfect jumps.
  • Competitions: Who’s the best? You and your horse, of course! You don’t have to worry about stage fright when you can safely win against the competition in your pajamas!

And here is a list of not-so-fun things about owning horses that you don’t have to worry about when you’re playing horse games!

  • Cleaning out the stable: Let’s be real: as lovely as horses are, nobody wants to face that clean-up job. Cleaning a stable out in real life is not a fun job! But in horse games you either don’t have to do it at all or, if you do, it’s both satisfying and quick. Another bonus is that you don’t have to face the smell!
  • Spending lots of money on their food and equipment: It can cost a lot to keep a horse in real life. Between their bedding, shelter and food they are expensive pets to have! However, virtual horses cost nothing! You can have all of the benefits of your ideal pet without having to worry about how you’re going to feed them.
  • Washing them: Horses are large creatures and washing them in real life would be a lot of hassle! Imagine how tired you’d be after washing a whole horse by hand, especially if it was covered in mud! In horse games, washing your horse is a very satisfying experience and could not be simpler. Just watch as the grime melts away, while you barely have to lift a finger.

By playing horse games you get to enjoy all the fun parts of owning a horse without any of the messy bits! Great!

Dressage, Steeplechase or Race

Whatever speed you’re most comfortable at, there’s a horse game for every type of horse lover out there on GamePix! If you’re more interested in gentle stable-based fun—looking after your virtual steeds and maybe dressing them nicely in their rugs—then you’ll be able to find games here where you get to do just that! You can wash and brush your noble steeds and even give them a manicure if you would like. Here are a couple of games where you can do just that:

  • Princess Carriage Car Wash: Help the Princess get herself back on the road again in this cute little cleanup game! You get to repair the carriage and make her horse look shiny and new. Do a good job and you might even get the honor of dressing up the Princess herself for your trouble…
  • Horse Care and Riding: This is truly a game that delivers on the promise of its title! Brush and wash your horse till it shines. You even get the chance to be a farrier and change its shoes! Once you’re done with that you can dress up your horse to the nines, ready to dazzle at any event.

However, if you’d like to take things up a notch, you can canter into some more high-octane fun by entering some riding challenges! You can start out with yard training before moving through to dressage and even competing. Mount your chosen thoroughbred and gallop toward victory! Want some starting points?

  • Jumping Horse 3D inserts you right into a competition! Control the speed of your horse and clear the jumps on each level. You have to be very careful to run at the right speed and jump at the perfect moment, though. One second too early and you’ll send the hurdles toppling to the ground—then you’ll have to start again!
  • Bandits Multiplayer PvP has players entering online rooms and battling it out as bandits! You’ll have to use all of your intelligence and cunning, as well as your very best horsemanship. Everyone knows that a horse is a bandit’s best friend because it can help him escape to safety. Learn to control your horse and you’ll be the best bandit in the whole town!

Or, if you're feeling really brave, why not enter a horse race? As well as using your skill to navigate a powerful animal around a course and over obstacles, you’ll need to keep an eye on the other riders and deal with the crowds. That’s not easy to do, especially if you are in the middle of a really challenging race such as a steeplechase, where the jumps are high and the water deep. Part of the fun is choosing your perfect horse, so don’t plump for the first one that swishes a tail at you—make sure you have one that’s the right size and from good stock, or you might end up with more than just egg on your face if you fall off!

  • Uphill Rush 9 is a game where you have to race through a level, dodging the fences and other barriers that may stand in your path! The road can be long and dangerous, so mind your footing and be careful how you land! Broken ankles are no joke when you’re as heavy as a horse. Make it back to the barn in one piece to end each level.
  • Horse Racing 2D is a real dash to the finish line. Pick your favorite horse and be prepared to race as fast as you can to get to the end before anyone else! Be careful of your stamina though, because if you tire your horse out you’ll have to wait for them to recover, giving your opponents time to rush past you.

Now it’s over to you. Best of luck out on the track, jockey!


How much does it cost to play horse games?

Hmm… for you? Nothing! Here on GamePix, you can play all of your favorite horse games online, completely free! Sit back in the saddle and relax, because there is absolutely nothing to pay.

How long I can play horse games? Is there a time limit?

There’s no time limit on how long you’re allowed to play horse games on GamePix. As long as your device has a browser and an internet connection you can play them all day, every day! You might be limited by battery life, though…

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