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What are hockey games?

Grab your mouthguards you Hosers, because it’s time to get to grips with one of Canada’s most famous exports…hockey! You don’t need to be a speed demon on real-life skates to be a champion on the ice, thanks to the extensive range of hockey games we have for you on Gamepix. You can choose from solo challenges or playing as a team, but one thing remains the same in every game; you’ve got to get your puck in the net more times than everyone else to win. The good news is that you can tackle the obstacles to your victory – the other team’s players – in a variety of ways. You can rely on your well-honed skill, by practising your poke checking and slap shots, or you could choose a game that lets your fists do as much talking as your hockey stick. It’s entirely up to you what kind of hockey player you want to be. From shoot-outs to tournaments and even street matches, there’s a hockey game that will let you live out your professional athlete ambitions, without ever having to leave the comfort of your chair, lose some teeth or join the NHL. Gamepix offers you access to unblocked, free-to-play hockey games of all kinds, but with each presented in HTML5. This guarantees you a seamless playing experience regardless of device or browser. Play as a team, or by yourself. Score like a champion or hustle like a bruiser. You can do all this and more with our selection of games, just don’t blame us if you miss a real match because you get so immersed having fun with your online one!
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