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Fire On The Ice

If you love hockey, or even if you don’t really care about hockey but just love hockey video games, then this is the place for you!

The Wonderful World Of Hockey

Grab your mouthguards you hosers, because it’s time to get to grips with one of Canada’s most famous exports…hockey!

Depending where you’re from in the world, you may call it “ice hockey” but for most countries there is only one hockey and it’s always played on the ice.

Technically, of course, ice hockey is the descendant of field hockey but it’s been unstoppable since it was invented in Canada at the turn of the twentieth century and is now a far more popular sport globally than its older, muddier sibling.

Hockey Games of History

Hockey video games have been released on every gaming platform that has been available to the public. From the Magnavox Odyssey to the Playstation 5, hockey games have always been part of the lineup.

The early years saw various hockey games released by a series of unrelated studios. From 1979 to 1991 you could always buy a hockey game somewhere for whatever system you had, but they varied widely in style and quality. Sega had several big hockey releases for the Master System console but none that had any lasting legacy.

Nintendo were relatively late to the party. If you were an early purchaser of the NES, you would have been waiting six long years before you could buy a hockey game for your home system. 1991’s Wayne Gretzy Hockey might have had the biggest name in hockey on its cover, but it was released the same year as EA Sports’ first NHL Hockey title.

These days the NHL Hockey series is such a huge part of the EA Sports landscape that it’s difficult to think that it was once a minor series, released for a sport that didn’t have many fans at the time.

That first in the series was a benchmark title though, really setting the boundaries of what video games could do for hockey. EA had already made a reputation for themselves with the Madden football games, and the new title really benefitted from that publicity boost.

Just three years later, EA released NHL ’94, which is widely held up as a superb example not just of a hockey game, not even just of a sports game but of a video game, period. Since then EA has been the last word in hockey video games. Their games just feel like the official game of hockey, the sport.

Hockey Games Here On GamePix

You don’t need to be a speed demon on real-life skates to be a champion on the ice, thanks to the extensive range of hockey games we have for you on Gamepix. You can choose from solo challenges or playing as a team, but one thing remains the same in every game; you’ve got to get your puck in the net more times than everyone else to win.

The good news is that you can tackle the obstacles to your victory — the other team’s players — in a variety of ways. You can rely on your well-honed skill, by practicing your poke checking and slap shots, or you could choose a game that lets your fists do as much talking as your hockey stick. Hockey is famously accepting of in-game fistfights and hockey video games wouldn’t make sense if they didn’t reflect that, so you can always play an enforcer’s game and use that to your advantage. Play as a team, or by yourself. Score like a champion or hustle like a bruiser. It’s entirely up to you what kind of hockey player you want to be.

We have a huge range of hockey games here for you, covering every type. All of our hockey browser games, like every game here on GamePix, are totally free to play and work on any browser or device without the need for anything to be downloaded or updated;

  • We have shoot-outs like Hockey Shootout that will have you practicing your attacks, honing them to be as fast and high-powered as possible. Hockey is an aggressive sport, so you need to make sure you’re always hitting your target, and hard!
  • We have full, game-like experiences with titles like Hockey Hero which will see you competing in whole-team matches of pure hockey action
  • We have maybe the second most popular form of hockey in the world — air hockey! Everybody’s favorite arcade game is here in a range of fun new flavors. Whether it’s the futuristic stylings of Neon Hockey Game or the crisp, clean look of Extreme Airhockey, you’ll find that the ricochet of the skinny puck is just as satisfying on screen as it is in real life.
  • We even have hockey games for younger players, with titles like Hockey For Kids, which strip the game back to its most fun and easy-to-learn basics.

There’s a hockey game for everybody here. They are available any time that you have some free time and anywhere you can get onto the internet. Now you can live out your pro athlete fantasies without ever having to leave the comfort of your chair, move to Canada or lose your teeth to a puck!


Are there any hockey video games?

There are well over a hundred major hockey games! They’ve featured on every home console and home computer that has been commercially released and are among the most popular sports games released every year. EA Sports’ ever-present NHL series alone has been releasing around a game a year since 1980! The choice of hockey games out there is huge, as is the choice of browser-based hockey games right here on GamePix. Each of our broad range of titles is available completely free and will work on any browser or device with an internet connection.

Are hockey games good?

Hockey games are a big section of video games at this point in history, so we’re not going to try to claim that every single one of them is “good”! Like all sports games, they always have to balance realism with great gameplay and push the performance limit of the system they’re on without losing smoothness. What we can tell you is that all the hockey games here on GamePix are excellent. Not only that, they’re absolutely free work on any browser and don’t ask you to download a thing! Simple, fun, hockey browser games. Perfect.

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