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What are helicopter games?

Back in 1992, Electronic Arts released Desert Strike, widely thought to be one of the best helicopter games ever made. The game put players in the heart of the Gulf War, with players taking control of Apache gunships and destroying the enemy bases. As graphics improved over the years, the games became more detailed with their gameplay and their strategies, with Apache: Air Assault in 2010 pitting players against fictional terrorists in singular and multiplayer tasks. It even featured gunships that could be customized. Sky Hunter then took things to the next level in 2017. It focused on large-scale dogfights and up to eight players were able to play at once. Players particularly loved how frantic the gameplay was and how unpredictable some levels and combat zones were, with each presenting a fresh challenge. Not all helicopter games involve fighting though, and FlightGear is one of the most popular helicopter games of all time. It’s an open-source flight simulator that features more than 20,000 airports, with the option to fly almost every type of aircraft on the planet. Whether you’re looking to play a classic game or a more modern option, you’ll have plenty of choice in our collection of helicopter games. Players love these games because of the quick pace of the action and how realistic the graphics are. You can learn how to fly, take down bad guys or rescue stranded people and animals. These games mimic the way helicopters actually work, so you’ll feel like you’re in the cockpit as you fly through the clouds and admire the landscapes. On Gamepix, all our helicopter games are presented in HTML5, so you can play without needing Flash. They’re also unblocked and free to play, so you can take to the skies whenever you want.
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