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What are bingo games?

There can be few simple pleasures in life as satisfying as deliriously calling out 'Bingo!' when you’ve filled in a row or achieved that elusive full house. It's a thrill that has been replicated in video games for some time now and has drawn a surprising variety of people towards this popular pastime.The great thing about Bingo is that it’s so approachable. The rules are simple – the caller picks random numbered balls out of a tumbler and calls them out, and players each have a randomly generated card containing a grid littered with numbers. They cross those numbers off as they are read out and the first person to complete a row (or the full card) shouts out the magic word – that's the game!You would think there is very little that could be done with such a concept, but developers have been trying their talented hands at this classic game of skill for years now and have managed to just about perfect the feeling of anticipation and euphoria that comes from a good game of Bingo.As with all of our other games, our selection of Bingo games has been developed in HTML5, a coding platform that allows them to be played on any web browser without requiring an install. You can pop in and play wherever you are as long as you have a compatible device to hand.There is something addictive about Bingo, to the extent that it became a phenomenon when online games first entered the market in the late 1990s. These games were absorbing whether or not you were playing for actual money, and the same is true today with our selection of games.If you’ve never played Bingo before, now is your chance, as Gamepix feature all of the very best Bingo games, completely unblocked and free to play. Just try not to get too addicted!
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