Bingo games

The Fun of playing Bingo Online

There can be few simple pleasures in life as satisfying as deliriously calling out 'Bingo!' when you’ve filled in a row or achieved that elusive full house. Random numbers are generated and called out, and players each have a number grid. They cross those numbers off as they are read out and the first person to complete a row (or the full card) shouts out the magic word. Developers have been trying their hands at this classic game of skill for years and have managed to perfect the feeling of anticipation and euphoria that comes from a good game of Bingo.

Online Bingo is for Everyone

The beauty of playing Bingo online is convenience. Not everybody is able to get out to their local Bingo hall, community center or even casino. For anyone who is without transport, or is suffering with ill health, online Bingo is a life-line, a way of staying connected with a game you have perhaps played for your whole life. The ease of being able to access Bingo from a phone, laptop or tablet makes people’s lives substantially better.

As so many online games are focussed on younger men, online Bingo has a huge female demographic and appeals to older generations too. There can’t be many more inclusive games than online Bingo.

Bingo helps children learn!

Learning math is one of the most important parts of childhood, yet so often it’s something that seems difficult to do. Bingo can be incredibly beneficial to anyone learning math. It allows them to have fun while also giving them confidence in number recognition and basic arithmetic skills, which will be so beneficial throughout school and life. Children are much more likely to engage with information when they are also having fun. They can play independently, or if they are with an adult additional number challenges can be set for them during the game, or before the next game begins.

It’s not just numbers that children need help with, it’s the reminder that you don’t always win. Anyone who has ever played Bingo (or any game!) is familiar with the feeling of frustration when you don’t win. It’s good for children (and adults) to be reminded that you don’t win every time, but it will be your turn soon. It’s what makes it even more special when you do get that line of numbers and can celebrate a win!

Adults can need help with numbers just as much as children do. Everyone can benefit from confidence with numbers no matter what your age, so even though the main aim of Bingo is to have fun, it doesn’t hurt that your brain is constantly being given an extra workout.

The History of Online Bingo

Online Bingo has been around for almost as long as the Internet has existed. The first online Bingo site was launched in 1996. Bingo Zone was a free to play site with no gambling involved. However, since then, casinos and betting companies have used Bingo as ways of making money. There is something addictive about Bingo and by the Millenium, online Bingo was a phenomenon. These games were absorbing whether or not you were playing for actual money or just for fun, and the same is true today with our selection of games. If you’ve never played Bingo online before, or feel like now would be a good time to start it again, this is your chance, as GamePix feature all of the very best Bingo games, completely unblocked and free to play.

The Bingo games at GamePix are reimagined for the twenty-first century. Stay patient, dab your numbers and even if you are on your own you will find yourself euphorically calling out BINGO when you have the right numbers. With different speed patterns there is plenty to test the agility of your thumber, fingers and brain to make sure no number is missed.

Long term benefits of Online Bingo

Keeping your brain occupied is vital, no matter what your age. Research has shown that people who play Bingo are more likely to maintain healthy cognitive function well into their older years. Playing Bingo online teaches patience, number skills and perseverance. The mental stimulation provided by Bingo, particularly playing online, can help with problem solving throughout your day and relieves those moments of boredom. Each time you are playing one of the GamePix Bingo games you are remembering rules, patterns and tactics, and using parts of your brain you might not otherwise have been activating.

What You Need

Like all of the games you’ll find on the GamePix site, these are presented in HTML5, completely free and unblocked. There is nothing to download, no paywalls and no need to get updates. All you need to do is choose the game you want to play and start having fun. Whether it’s a phone, tablet, PC, Mac or console, as long as the device has a web browser, it will be able to run any of these games straight away with no fuss. No glitches, no delays, there’s nothing stopping your from shouting Bingo all day long.


Is this Online Gambling?

The key feature of GamePix online Bingo is you will never lose any money. The three key words are fun, fun and fun. There is nothing to enjoy about losing money playing games online. You will not be bombared with ‘special offers’ and persuaded to just have one more game for a dollar. If you want to gamble responsibly, there are outlets you can go, but we would suggest you stick with our free games here at GamePix.

How many Bingo Games are available?

Lots! You will never be short of GamePix Bingo games. For starters there is Bingo Royal, Bingo Solo, Bingo King and the colorful and hilariously titled Flamingo Bingo, where the more coins, keys and tickets you earn, the longer you continue your Bingo adventures to make sure you are constantly dabbing those numbers. In Bingo World you can choose your exotic destination, New York, Shanghai or Paris. There is even Halloween Bingo, full of ghosts, pumpkins and ghouls as a haunting holiday treat.

What are the most popular bingo?