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What are cricket games?

Graham Gooch’s Test Cricket was one of first cricket games to hit the market in the mid-1980s. Thanks to its arcade mode, it was incredible fun, serving up big hits and quick bowling. Then West Indies batting superstar Brian Lara put his name to a new game from Audiogenic in the 1990s, and it became hugely popular around the world, and was one of the first to operate in a 3D environment and included detailed stadia and rendered crowds. At the same time, Super International Cricket blended pick-up-and-play arcade fun with brilliant commentary to great effect. As cricket changed to fully embrace shorter formats of the game, cricket games changed, too. Big Bash Boom and Stick Cricket both focused on hitting the ball as far as possible, as often as possible, making them popular with players who don't know all of the rules. Whether you’re looking to win the World Cup, take home The Ashes or just hit some of the world’s fastest bowlers for six, our range of cricket games has something for you. If you’re a longtime cricket fan who prefers Test matches, or a one-day fan who just wants to hit the ball out of the park, you’ll love recreating your favorite matches. Many of these games also allow you to practice before you head to the field, so you can work on your hitting and improve your catching. In our cricket games, you can pick a number of overs to suit you, so you can enjoy a quick hit in a couple of minutes or play a game that lasts for hours. All of our cricket games are free, unblocked and presented in HTML5, so there’s no need for downloads or a need to install Flash. They run on any browser and any device, so you can have lots of fun wherever you are.
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