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Free Running 2


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Free Running 2 is a sequel to the enormously popular parkour-based Flash game. The graphics have gotten an upgrade, and there are plenty of new gameplay modes and challenges to take in as you vault, climb and wall-run your way through a packed cityscape. To get the maximum score, be as flamboyant as possible. Execute somersaults and show off for the camera! There are a range of city environments to explore, and a whole host of obstacles to surmount. For fans of fast-paced action, it’s a must-play! Use the arrow keys to run around Press the X button to jump and climb up ledges

Free Running 2 belongs to Action and it is often associated with Running Games. This game has received 21 votes, 18 positive ones and 3 negative ones and has an average score of 3.9.
It is a game played in landscape and it's playable on Desktop on This game has been published on 2019-12-22 and updated on 2020-05-21.

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