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What are toddler games?

As a parent, you probably want to keep a tight grip on how much screen time your toddler enjoys, but you might be surprised by how beneficial a little supervised online fun can be. You might also be shocked to learn how young some children are when they can first master the arts of pointing, clicking and interacting with images on a screen, and how educational these experiences can be. Far from being a way to ‘lazy parent’, toddler games can provide vital stimuli that develop your little ones’ hand-eye coordination, and can even instil an innate love of learning. Here at Gamepix, we have brought together a selection of games that offer the best of both worlds in the sense that they will be highly entertaining and fun for toddlers, but also reassuring for parents, as they are totally appropriate, safe and require no software downloads. There’s no risk of your little ones being exposed to anything untoward, and you can play with them, too, making the experience extra special and even more interactive. From coloring games through to memory puzzles and everything in between, you’ll find an excellent selection of fun yet educational toddler games to enjoy, all of which are free to access and unblocked. What’s more, they are all presented in HTML5, to allow you to play them on any device or browser, so a snuggle on the sofa with your toddler could easily become a game session on your smartphone or tablet. Who knows, a few online sessions during their formative years might make your kid a genius later on!
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