Toddler games

Toddlers Love to Play!

As a parent or carer, you know it is important to closely monitor how much screen time your toddler enjoys, but you might be surprised by how beneficial a little supervised online fun can be. Far from being lazy parenting, as some may suggest, toddler games can provide vital stimuli that develop hand-eye coordination, cognitive understanding and instil a love of learning.

Research into how long toddlers should spend online is ongoing. The World Health Organization suggests that for children between the ages of two and four years, screen time should be limited to less than one hour per day. The good news is that there are many games that are specially made to entertain, relax and educate toddlers well within that time frame. Video games can be educational and provide learning opportunities about thousands of different themes and subjects. They can engage children, enhance their knowledge and provide fun and entertainment while learning invaluable skills.

Toddler Games on GamePix

Here on GamePix, we have brought together a selection of games that offer both fun and education for toddlers to play.

  • Cute Unicorn Memory is the perfect way for toddlers to improve their memory, their concentration and their hand-eye coordination while having fun at the same time.
  • All children love dinosaurs and Cute Dinosaur Jigsaw is an online game that will get toddlers demanding to play more, while learning about problem solving and cognitive functions. Being able to spend time with cute dinosaur images will keep any toddler happy and entertained.
  • Does your toddler keep asking if they can have a pet? Give them some real life responsibility of pet ownership with Lovely Virtual Cat and allow them to discover the love of a pet on the device you are allowing them to use. Maybe this will even lead to a real life cat or dog in the future! Or maybe it will show them that owning a pet isn’t always as fun as it might first appear!
  • Toddlers will love our drawing and coloring games here on GamePix. One of the first things children enjoy is to draw and color. They are fundamental activities in the early development of young children and is a relaxing, enjoyable and therapeutic of spending time.
  • Coloring Book is aimed at five-year-olds and is everything a young child could ever need as it offers endless hours of peaceful coloring. From horses to dogs to jungles and rainforests, there is plenty for your toddler to choose from. Coloring online has the added advantage that it saves on paper and there will be no crayon on your carpet or felt tips on your wall! If your toddler shows a love for fast cars let them have a look at our Lamborghini Coloring pages! Whatever they like to draw or color you have found the right place!

Playing Online Games Teaches Children Vital Skills for Life

Playing games is one of the most important things for a toddler’s development. Every opportunity young people can have to express themselves is vital. Playing games online for a sensible amount of time is something that will make any toddler happy. Whether it’s puzzle games, word games or coloring games, we know that toddlers are able to learn as much in their short allocated daily screen time as they do with any other activity. When guided in the right way, using a tablet or a phone can be a vital part of education. It’s not just about learning. Focussing on calming and soothing games and activities will help with the emotional state of your toddler. A world that plays is a happy world!

Toddlers Love Playing Games with Adults

Our toddler games here on GamePix can usually be picked up in seconds! We want to join families together, and introduce young children to a healthy relationship with video games. Whether it’s parents and carers playing with their toddlers, or nurseries and kindergartens looking after young children, we want video games to be a vital part of all of our lives. We find it exciting that through our site toddlers may experience a game like Snakes and Ladders for the first time. It’s a game that has captivated players for generations and is just as playable on a screen as on a board, all they need is someone alongside them to play against. Just keep rolling that die and hope you don’t land on too many snakes!

On-screen instructions make learning any new games easy for young children, and with someone alongside them, being taught how to play a new game can be an important bonding experience.

Playing Games Online Allows You to Express Your Emotions.

Every child works in a different way. For some, talking is the way they express their emotions. For some it might be through play, or by writing. For millions of children around the world a more visual form of learning is best. Information can be easier to absorb when it is presented visually. Playing games is a powerful outlet for self-expression, allowing children (and adults) to communicate ideas and feelings they may not have been able to articulate verbally. Playing games can unlock barriers to communication and allow people to engage in a way that would not be possible otherwise.


Is it safe to play games online?

It is! We can guarantee that there is nothing to worry about with our toddler games on GamePix. Our games are highly entertaining and fun for toddlers, but also reassuring for parents, as they are totally appropriate, safe and require no downloads or interactions with strangers. Our free titles can be played on any browser and any device and there’s no risk of your little ones being exposed to anything untoward. From truck games through to memory puzzles and animal games, you’ll find an excellent selection of fun, educational toddler games to enjoy and will never be asked to pay any money or input any credit card details.

Do you have special games for my toddler at Christmas?

We do! There are lots of special seasonal games for toddlers here on GamePix! Fun Lovely Christmas Puzzle is something any toddler will love, full of snowmen and Santa hats that they will never get tired of. My Dolphin Show: Christmas is perfect for little boys and little girls who love dolphins, especially at Christmas time. It’s not just Christmas specials either, there are games for toddlers to commemorate birthdays, Halloween and Easter. Whatever the occasion, there will be a game for your toddler (and the whole family) here on GamePix!

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