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If you love the game of Scrabble and flexing your vocabulary with word games, then our Scrabble Games page is just for you! Word games are a classic form of entertainment that has been popular for as long as anybody can remember and there is no word game quite like the game of Scrabble.

To Scrabble Game or Not to Scrabble Game

When we say “Scrabble game”, we mean Scrabble itself, of course, but we also mean any game that’s like Scrabble. These days there are hundreds of games like Scrabble or based on Scrabble or even just word games that give the feeling of Scrabble. Games like Wordle and Words With Friends may not be directly related to Scrabble itself, but we think you’ll agree that they scratch a lot of the same itches!

The Reason Scrabble Makes a Great Video Game

Scrabble itself is an excellent example of the way that games don’t need complicated rules to be great fun and keep you interested for years. Scrabble mixes luck and skill perfectly and works just as well with two players as it does with four. It is incredibly quick and easy to set up and captures the imagination from the moment play starts.

The basic ingredients of a Scrabble win are chance and a wide vocabulary but the game can change drastically with every word a player puts down. The board itself, of course, has premium squares that boost scores and you never know when those are going to come into play. Then there is the impact of the rarer letters like Q or Z, which also score more points. Combine a special square with a rare letter and you can score some serious points. This means that games stay competitive over their whole length and the tables can turn at any moment.

The Long Life of Scrabble

The game of Scrabble was originally created way back in 1938 by an architect in the U.S. who wanted an alternative to earlier word games. The game didn’t become really popular for almost twenty years and seemed destined to a life of obscurity until — as legend has it — the president of Macy’s department stores played the game while on holiday. On his return he couldn’t believe his stores didn’t stock the game and put in a huge order immediately. The rest is history — Scrabble became one of the most popular board games of all time, selling millions upon millions of copies.

The Popularity of Scrabble Games

With Scrabble the board game so incredibly popular, it was only a matter of time before it became a video game. In fact it’s just one of a great many Scrabble games that make up the word games sector of the video games industry.

The advantages of Scrabble as a videogame are enormous. Thinking practically, the simple fact that you don’t have to tidy the game up or set it out and there are no pieces to lose or keep track of makes scrabble video games extremely convenient. They are also very portable — as a videogame, Scrabble and games like it are simple enough to fit onto any device and use any control scheme so it’s an easy game to keep on a mobile device in your pocket. Of course, we had pocket Scrabble and travel Scrabble before but neither of those slid into your pocket as easily as a phone does!

Scrabble games also really suit casual play on portable devices, so it’s no wonder they’ve proved to be such a hit with commuters. Turn-based games like Scrabble are perfect for those 1-2 minute sessions you get when you’re waiting for your bus or your train. You can take your turn then put the game away for minutes at a time before returning, something you can’t do in an online shooter, for example. You can also choose a length of game that suits you. This includes a speedy game you can complete in a short break, or a lengthy battle that lasts for hours.

Scrabble games also let you play against the computer and test your language skills if you’re not feeling in the mood for competing against a person. You can even select the difficulty level of your computer opponent, so you can learn how to play on the easier levels before ramping up the challenge. On the hardest level, you’ll feel like you’re playing against a Scrabble master but on the easier levels you may even have the option to see the computer’s tiles if you’re struggling! It doesn’t get much easier than that.

Mostly, of course, Scrabble games are popular because they allow you to improve your vocabulary and your spelling. They’re incredibly educational and feel more like brain training than fun sometimes.

How to Play Scrabble Games

Many Scrabble games take the same format as the classic board game itself, so they will feel familiar even if you’ve never played a Scrabble video game before;

  • place your tiles on the board to create words that score points,
  • look for tiles and squares that can give you bonuses and
  • make the most of triple word scores to rack up extra points.

Other Scrabble games will be very different but they’re all geared towards being easy to pick up and enjoy for players of all ages, whether or not they’ve played video games — or even board games — before.

Scrabble Games on GamePix

Our online Scrabble games offer the same fun and challenge as the original game, but you also have the chance to try different variations to further test your skills in new ways and with original twists.

Like all of our browser games here on Gamepix, our Scrabble games are completely free and work on any browser or device. That means that you don’t need to install or download anything, ever. All the Scrabble games you could ever want, for free, anytime and anywhere. It doesn’t take a genius to see that’s a high score!


Are there any free scrabble games?

You better believe it! In fact all of our online Scrabble games are totally free. You can play as many games as you like and it won’t cost you a thing. Even better, all of our browser-based Scrabble games will run on any browser on any device, with no annoying downloads or installation of extra apps which clog up your screen. Just choose any of the Scrabble games from this section and start playing. The only hard part is thinking up the highest word score!

Is there a classic Scrabble game online?

We think all of our Scrabble games are classics! They are certainly online and work straight from your browser with no downloads or installations. And they’re free! From puzzle games to word-searches, we have an unbeatable range of Scrabble games right here on GamePix, so pick one and get playing right now!

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