One of the Originals

You probably already know Cut the Rope. It’s a long-running series of addictive, physics-based puzzle games. It’s easy to understand with simple, clear controls but it presents fascinating puzzle challenges that you’ll find yourself drawn into.

Simple but Brilliant

The idea of the game is simple;

  • Feed candy to a cute dinosaur called On Nom.
  • Collect all the stars on the screen along the way.
  • The candy is tied to one or many ropes.
  • You feed Om Nom by cutting each rope at the perfect moment, swinging the candy through the stars and on into Om Nom’s hungry little mouth.

Always a New Challenge

Like all truly great games, Cut-the-Rope feels almost too easy when you first start playing. With each level comes a new device, or a twist to the physics that keeps you guessing. It could be many ropes, coming from all angles, or a bubble that will lift the candy toward the ceiling until you pop it. Whatever it is, you soon find yourself completely drawn in by each new puzzle, determined to keep trying until you master it.

Cutting the First Rope

The original Cut the Rope game in was released way back in 2010 and was a phenomenal success. People just couldn’t get enough of the candy-crunching, fiendish physics, or of the lovable Om Nom. The game was released on almost every handheld platform you can possibly imagine and the Cut the Rope games, between them, have been downloaded well over a billion times!

More Ropes to Cut

Cut the Rope’s creator, Zeptolab, didn’t stop at the unstoppable success of the first game. They used the basic ingredients of that original Cut the Rope title, remixing and adding to them to create a whole series of games, each bringing something new to the franchise;

  • Cut the Rope. The original game was released in 2010 and was an instant classic. As you’d expect from the first title in the series, this is the game that establishes all the basic elements of the Cut-the-Rope formula. There’s Om Nom of course but there’s also the iconic rope physics and the elements of the puzzle.
  • Cut the Rope Experiments. The second game in the series, released in 2011, introduced a new storyline and characters and a distinctly sci-fi twist. Stars move in orbits and even gravity gets a tweak on some levels. While it’s still definitely a Cut the Rope game, it takes Om Nom and the rope cutting action to totally new places.
  • Cut the Rope Time Travel. 2013’s Cut the Rope title has Om Nom bringing a friend for a series of tandem puzzles that make you think not just about the three dimensions of space but also the fourth dimension, time! Coordinating your cuts is the only way to succeed and it’s an elegant twist to the formula that opens up a whole new world of head-scratching puzzle action.
  • Cut the Rope 2. The first numbered sequel was released in 2013 and was a return to the classic look but with all new puzzles that hook you right from the start. You can tell this one was a lot of fun to make, and everything is tuned just a little more finely. It’s an outstanding entry in the series which really starts to explore the boundaries of this puzzle format.
  • Cut the Rope Magic. 2015’s Cut the Rope title had Om Nom in a magical realm where he gained magical powers, able to transform into other animals and change size. The game introduced a new opponent in the form of a candy-chasing spider, who competed with Om Nom for the prized candy.

The games were all very well received by the public and critics, with consistently high scores on Metacritic. They even became a transmedia world with an animated spin-off series, Om Nom Stories, about the little dinosaur’s life when he’s not waiting to be fed falling candy.

Cut the Rope & Friends Games on GamePix

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We even have games featuring Om Nom’s friends! Some are other characters from Zeptolab, the creators of Om Nom, others are games that are related in more subtle ways that we know fans of Cut the Rope will really enjoy.

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How do you play Cut-the-Rope?

The clue is in the name! You want to get candy into the mouth of a little dinosaur called Om Nom. You want to swing the candy through a series of stars first. The key to both is cutting the ropes that hold the candy up at just the right moment to get the perfect swing. Of course, it isn’t as simple as it sounds, and every new level and version of the game brings new complications to figure out. Beating the game is the only hard part though, as all of our Cut-the-rope games here on GamePix are free to play, straight from your browser, with nothing to download or install first. It couldn’t be more simple!

Is Cut-the-Rope a free game?

Yes it is! Like all of our in-browser puzzle games, our Cut-the-Rope games are all completely free, no matter how long you want to play for. We have a wide range of versions of the classic Cut-the-Rope, from Cut-the-Rope Magic to Cut-the-Rope Experiments. We even have the adorable On Nom—the dinosaur star of Cut-the-Rope—starring in a number of great spin-off games. The best part? Every single one of them is completely free to play, forever.

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