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What are barbie games?

In 1959, a toy revolution started with the launch of the very first Barbie doll. Since then the brand has become a cultural phenomenon, and a fixture in the toy-boxes of generations of girls.Prior to the release of the first Barbie, children could play dress-up games only with very limited paper figurines. The doll’s inventor, Ruth Handler, noticed during a trip to Europe that there was a popular doll for adults called Bild Lilli, a character based on a comic strip in German newspaper Bild. She bought three dolls back to the US, and did a partial redesign. The doll went on to sell hundreds of millions of units, although there were a few obstacles along the way. Barbie was roundly criticized for being implausibly-proportioned, and setting unrealistic body standards for young women. But Barbie had to be given a long neck and a tiny waist for her miniature clothes to fit her properly. In the 1990s came the infamous talking barbie, who announced, among other things, that ‘math class is tough!’ This lead to widespread backlash, and was even mentioned in an episode of The Simpsons. Given Barbie’s enormous popularity, it should be no surprise that she found her way into a starring role in scores of games, including Barbie for the NES in 1991, Barbie for the Commodore 64 in 1984, and Barbie Horse Adventures, from 2003 onwards. Barbie Fashion Designer was a piece of software that launched in the mid-1990s, and swiftly sold more than half a million copies – outselling even popular video-game classics like Doom and Quake.If you’d like to play with Barbie, our HTML5 games are a great way to do it. They’re free to play and unblocked, so you’ll be able to enjoy them on whatever device you’re using. If you’re looking to play with dolls, Gamepix lets you do it, wherever you are.
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