Coding games

Games As Code

Coding games bring code — the DNA of games — out of the background and put it center stage. Even if you’re not an avid gamer, you’ll probably be aware that video games are written in computer code which your console, phone or computer then “plays” to deliver the game that you experience. To most of us, coding — writing computer code — is a mysterious and very technical subject and not something we imagine we can do ourselves.

Going Full Circle

You might think it’s strange that there are a great many video games that are about coding. These are games that teach you, the player, some fundamental parts of certain coding languages, or even the ideas that are behind all coding languages. You’d almost certainly be very surprised at how fun some of these coding games manage to make the process of learning to code! Learning any new skill is a lot easier when it’s fun, and coding games definitely make coding fun, which is why they have become so popular in recent years.

Coding in Games

If you’re new to coding, you’ll find many different types of games out there, all focusing on a slightly different part of the skill of coding;

  • Some are based around tutorials, perhaps gamified versions of lessons in coding.
  • Other coding games might be perfect for when you want to learn a specific code or language, using graphics and puzzles to illustrate various aspects of writing code in that language.
  • Some games simply focus on teaching you the logical, step-by-step thinking required to begin coding, perhaps with some core coding concepts like what it means to “run” a program.

Whatever the type of game and its specific features, they all have one thing in common — they want to help you learn how to code and have fun doing it!

Everybody Is A Coder

Being a programmer is no longer a specialized skill, and you can learn exactly how it’s done with coding games. It seems counterintuitive that an exacting discipline like coding can be taught through play but it makes sense when you think about it. What better place to learn the rules of coding than in a video game? After all, a video game is a world that is based completely on coding rules itself.

Coding As A Skillset

The last twenty years have seen an explosion in how we use digital devices. Today, more than 90% of the world’s population have a cell-phone and that means the market for software applications is one of the biggest markets in the world.

More than that, apps now touch on every aspect of our lives, with more and more traditionally-offline industries finding they need a digital presence if they want to compete.

That saturation of digital technology means that coding is a skill that isn’t going to be useless any time soon! You could even say it’s one of the most future-proof skills out there. It helps you understand the many devices that we all use in our daily lives and it also makes you much more employable.

On top of all that, coding is a fun skill to learn and can open up your creative side. It’s a skill that is only limited by your imagination and one which has the potential to change the world.

Coding Games Here on GamePix

On Gamepix, our coding games are totally free and can run on any browser or device, so you can sharpen your skills wherever you are. You’ll also get great instructions, so you can learn quickly and improve your programming skills in minutes. We have an excellent range of browser-based coding games such as;

  • Code panda — a super kid-friendly game teaching basic programming logic and how to start building programs.
  • Deadly race droid — a beautifully designed, arcade-style game where you are a droid in a post-apocalyptic world, fighting to become king of the drones
  • Computer evolution — an immersive game where you model the building and upgrade of a computer system. You can simulate the effect of adding and upgrading various components
  • Smartphone Cracker — a quick and simple game of guessing pin-codes that teaches probabilities and sequence building

Coding games let you learn in a fun and interactive environment that shows you your results as you go. Levels in these games are incredibly short, so you can learn in small, manageable chunks, wherever you find them in your daily life. Many games start you with the very basics, so you’re never going to feel like the subject is too tough and that feeling of positive progress really helps with motivation.

With nothing to download, update or pay for any of our coding games ever, there’s absolutely nothing stopping you from taking your first, fun steps on the road to becoming a coder today!


How do I learn coding?

It depends what you want to learn! To get truly proficient in even one modern coding language would take a lot of study and practice. Luckily, you can get a great taste of some of the basic principles underlying coding through playing a coding video game. After all, you’re most likely to become interested in learning something when it’s fun, and coding games are designed to make learning coding exactly that.

What is the best coding program for games?

If you want to make video games yourself one day, then C++ is generally agreed to be one of the best coding languages you can learn. It’s widely used and quick in operation and generally accepted to be the best coding language for games coding. If all you want for now is to have fun and learn some of the basic principles, then the language isn’t really important. Either way, our selection of browser-based coding games will help you take your first step towards learning a coding language, or help you enjoy the next step in your learning journey.

What are the most popular coding?