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Backgammon Online


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A classic game of luck, skill and strategy updated for a modern audience, Backgammon is one of the oldest board games in the world but it’s still just as addictive today as it was hundreds of years ago. There are many ways to play Backgammon but the object of the game is always the same – roll the dice and move your pieces along the board’s triangles until you can move them off the board. Whoever moves their pieces off of the board first is the winner. The consistent rules are that you must move the piece at the top of the triangle and that you can only move on to triangles containing no pieces, your own pieces or a single opposing piece. It’s a simple game at heart but there are thousands of potential strategies and it’s a game that has been enjoyed by gamers for generations. Now you can play people across the world and share in the history and the culture of Backgammon. Play backgammon online now on GamePix!

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