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What are spinner games?

Back in 2017, an astonishing new toy craze took the world by storm: the fidget spinner. Consisting of a ball-bearing in the center of a three-pronged piece of plastic, these devices were just about everywhere. They could be cheaply made, and came in a range of colors and materials, making them great for collectors. Fidget spinners did more than just provide something to occupy your fingers with; they're could release pent-up nervous energy, and were helpful with the symptoms of a range of anxiety disorders.The popularity of these devices had big implications for the world of online video-game makers, who rushed to feature this must-have toy in their creations.There are now a wide range of spinner-based games available. Many of them are variations on a different formula, such as the multiplayer ‘amoeba’ games where you compete to collect gems and avoid colliding with other players. The more you collect, the faster you get! Then there are the straight replicas of the real fidget spinner. Just use your mouse (or finger) to spin the onscreen toy, and watch it get faster and faster. The more speed you accumulate, the more points you’ll earn!This part of the site features our range of spinner games. They’re available in HTML5, and thus you can run them right from your web browser, without needing to bother with time-consuming downloads or installations. What’s more, these games are free to play, and complete unblocked, so you can enjoy them on whatever device you’re using.So, if you have just a few minutes to kill, you don’t need to track down a real fidget spinner – just use the digital equivalent instead!
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