Open World games

Infinite Possibilities

Open world games offer a level of freedom that can’t be found in any other type of game. Before the open world genre was popularized many gamers felt constricted by more linear titles—after all, it can be hard to feel completely immersed in a game when you can only move in a straight line. That’s why it was such a milestone when open world games started to become the norm.

Long before open world games became commonplace, many players had dreamed of exploring a gigantic world with no borders. Being able to do anything and go anywhere was an inviting concept to many people. Nowadays, open world games are characterized by:

  • unrestricted freedom.
  • limitless customization options.
  • expansive, enveloping worlds.

As a result, the open world genre represents the pinnacle of immersive gameplay. Open world games may have had humble beginnings, but technology has allowed the genre to flourish. Today, a range of open world games are available to players as online browser games! Best of all, there are plenty of open world games to explore and enjoy right here on GamePix.

Expanding Worlds

Open world games have existed in some form ever since the 1980s. However, it wasn’t until much later that open world games became commonplace. 1985’s Mercenary is often credited as the very first open world game. In Mercenary, you are tasked with escaping a planet you have crash landed on. In order to earn enough money to escape you must complete various tasks for several warring factions.

From there, technology began to catch up with the dreams and ideas of developers. Throughout the early 2000s, open world games exploded in popularity through titles like Grand Theft Auto III. It’s important to note that the Grand Theft Auto series was already wildly popular, but the jump to a 3D environment in the third instalment assured its place in the gaming pantheon. Featuring an open world that players were free to roam at their leisure, it was a massively successful change to the established formula of the series. This adjustment in style eventually led to Grand Theft Auto V, which is one of the best-selling video games of all time.

Explore At Your Own Pace

Open world games are incredibly popular because of the genre’s variety and scope. In terms of variety, open world games can fall under a whole host of tones and styles. From light-hearted to dark, from realistic to fantastical, there really are open world games for everyone!

The sheer volume of content available in online open world games is a huge draw for players. Some games clock in at over 100 hours! This means you can explore the same enormous world for long stretches of time without running out of new content to enjoy. In open world games you can be sure you’ll find something interesting to interact with in every corner you investigate!

To put it simply, having a world that opens out in front of you is one of the quickest ways to grip a new player. In fact, many gamers have found that they can become invested in a game’s story far more easily when they are able to fully explore the world in which it is set.

Travel Anywhere, Discover Anything!

Open world games have become incredibly broad in recent years. If you dream of adventuring in a particular type of world, chances are open world games will have you covered. Some open world games seek to emulate reality by creating a sprawling city or historical setting. Others are far more fantastical, and whisk players away to fascinating, inspiring fictional worlds.

If you prefer realism, there are plenty of open world games to suit your tastes! You might like to explore huge cityscapes modeled on the real world’s most vibrant cities. You may also want to delve into history by becoming a cowboy or a pirate, for example.

The possibilities really are endless, whether you want the world you explore to be true to life or exactly the opposite. Imposing wastelands, impossible landscapes and the vast expanses of space await you! No matter what genre you prefer, open world games can provide you with the ultimate escape.

Make Your Own Story

Open world games allow you to tell your own story at your own pace. In fact, this is one of the open world genre’s defining characteristics and these games tend to vary greatly depending on your chosen goal. Some open world games have a clearly defined main story but allow you to wander off the beaten track. Others have no real goal other than to explore and conquer. This lack of a rigid structure provides a unique sense of freedom that simply isn’t present in other genres.

Thanks to the intuitive controls present in many open world games you’ll be immersed in a new world in no time at all! Once you’ve picked up the controls, you’ll quickly discover which type of open world game is most exciting to you. Whether you want to experience a rich story or just explore every corner of unfamiliar terrain, you’ll be fully invested in the world around you.

You are the Main Character

When you’re ready to dive into your next adventure, your first quest will be to create your character! Some open world games feature predefined protagonists that act as player inserts. In these titles, you’ll play as a fully developed and unique character with an important role in their world. You might be a mercenary, a soldier or even a destined hero!

Other open world games allow you to create your own character. Complex, in-depth character creation systems will give you almost endless customization options. You can meticulously create your ideal hero, or even try to recreate yourself! As well as this, being able to choose your character’s name is very common. In this way, you can truly place yourself in the role of the main character.

Open world games are designed for everyone to be able to express themselves however they choose. Create an avatar that resembles you or become a fascinating, pre-established character. The choice, as they say, is yours!

Open Worlds at GamePix!

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Are open world games free?

All of the open world games available at GamePix are completely free to play! Your new, exciting world is waiting for you, so jump in today!

Why are open world games so popular?

The infinite potential for exploration in open world games is second-to-none. The unrestricted freedom this genre offers is a huge draw for thousands of players. Combined with thrilling combat and fascinating storylines, any open world game will keep you invested for years to come!

What are the most popular open world?