Fire And Water games

Elemental Action

Fire and Water games are a subset of the puzzle/problem solving game genre. They are typically enjoyed by one or two players and either choice offers a great puzzle-solving experience. In these games, two characters with contrasting powers must work together to

  • overcome obstacles
  • solve increasingly challenging puzzles
  • reach the end of the level

While there are other games in this subcategory involving opposing elements, such as dark and light, fire and water is probably the combination that is used the most often. One reason for this is how widely recognizable fire and water are as obstacles within the established visual language of video games.

Ever since the beginning of video game development, fire has appeared as an easily identifiable, immediate threat to the player. It’s also a popular element used in role-playing games as a form of magic. At the same time, water has often indicated barriers or dangerous terrain, most notably in platform games.

One famous example of the use of fire in video games comes from one of the most popular titles of all time: Super Mario Bros. Enemies will mercilessly hurl endless fireballs at Mario as he travels through the Mushroom Kingdom, and many a game over has been caused as a result of this hazard. However, Super Mario Bros. also featured a power-up that allowed you to return these fireballs in the direction of the enemy that launched them, introducing a game mechanic that allowed the player to exact revenge!

The presence of water in video games—mostly used as a visual marker of where the player shouldn’t tread—can be traced all the way back to iconic platform games such as Frogger. The player’s goal in Frogger is to help a pixelated frog safely negotiate hazardous situations, such as a fast-moving river. Landing in the water is an instant game over for any unlucky frog, so care must be taken to keep it on the assorted logs, turtles and alligators floating by.

A Unique Puzzling Experience

It is only in recent years that these two elements have been brought together to create an entirely new type of puzzle game. One of the first—and most notable—examples of Fire and Water puzzlers is the 2009 game, Fireboy and Watergirl. Developed by Oslo Albet and Jan Villanueva, the game features controls that are simple and easy to pick up, as well as eye-catching visuals and animation. The first game consisted of 32 levels, divided into sections that relied on different strategies to carry you through to the end. The subgenre has since exploded in popularity and many online puzzle games now use this formula to great success.

The subgenre of puzzle games where one player controls two characters or two players play cooperatively is also a very popular one, as it calls for a different thinking process to other, more traditional puzzlers. Players working alone must keep an eye on their environment as they progress, and ensure they are considering how both characters will be able to traverse the level to its end. On the other hand, those playing in co-op mode must discuss with their fellow player how to proceed and work together to bypass the various obstacles and hazards they are presented with. This genre’s unique method of presenting puzzles, along with its focus on interesting environments and increasing difficulty, make it an established favorite among puzzle lovers. At its core the genre is designed to keep you thinking on your feet and making sure your problem-solving skills are up to scratch. Fire and Water games are sure to put you to the test and allow you to prove yourself as a practiced puzzle solver.

Solving the Puzzle

The core concept of Fire and Water games is a straightforward one, meaning the player can get to the exciting business of puzzle solving more quickly! In these games you (and, if you prefer, one other player) take control of two very different characters that wield opposite elements. Using Fireboy and Watergirl as an example, Fireboy cannot touch water that appears anywhere on any stage—if he does, it’s game over. The same is true for Watergirl, who is not particularly fond of stepping into the pits of fire you inevitably come across while playing.

At times you may find obstacles that are not competing elements, such as hazards that harm both characters, or levers and switches that one specific character will have to interact with in order for you to progress. This is where the bulk of your problem solving occurs, as you will have to look over the environment and figure out how to safely get both of your characters through to the end of the level.

At times, you may find that one character is able to sprint through the level completely unharmed, as the presence of the opposite element is very limited. However, finishing levels such as these is not always as simple as it first appears. Often you will then need to clear a path for the less fortunate character still trapped at the start of the level, and make sure that they get through just as safely. You’ll find that solving these puzzles will be second nature to you once you master

  • interacting with your surroundings
  • activating levers and switches at the right time
  • avoiding and disarming traps where possible
  • jumping over hazardous pits of elements that your character can’t survive

Getting Your Puzzle Fix

Those looking to test their brains and play these intuitive, exciting puzzle games will find a whole range of them online here at GamePix! Whether you’re at home or on the move, online games on GamePix are available to play anytime and anywhere, no matter what your preferred browser or device may be.


Are Fire and Water games free?

All of the online Fire and Water puzzle games available on GamePix are free to play and accessible to all! You can puzzle away to your heart’s content and find out just how difficult a challenge you can overcome!

Why are Fire and Water games so widely played among puzzle fans?

The co-op-based mechanics and the ability to control both characters as one player allows for two very different player experiences. These differing styles of play encourage multiple playthroughs to experience the full scope of puzzle solving the games have to offer. These elements, along with the striking visuals and colorful environments make for games that are difficult to put down. Start your puzzle-solving adventure today!

What are the most popular fire and water?