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What are y8 games?

Once upon a time, games used to be worked on by lone programmers in their bedrooms. Then, as the industry grew, things got more competitive; in order to justify the costs of pressing thousands of disks and cartridges, you needed to have a team of several hundred (or even thousand) people behind you.The modern internet has helped things to come full circle. Just as anyone with access to a smartphone can upload videos to the internet and become a phenomenon, so too can amateur developers with a simple concept to get across.The Y8 platform is among the largest platforms dedicated to supporting small developers of Flash games. There are millions of players on its platform, and thousands of games to play and videos to watch. Of course, that’s not to say that all of these games are worth playing – but that doesn’t mean that Y8, like Newgrounds and other sites, hasn’t had a significant effect on the way that online gaming has gone. It’s a community-based catalog of games, with new additions constantly arriving.Y8 games is a catch-all description for games of this sort, released via a web browser. Just about every genre is covered, so gamers of every taste will be catered for!At Gamepix, we provide a host of games modelled after Y8’s library. So, if you’re looking for Y8 games to play, this is a great place to start. Unlike Y8, all of the games we provide are in HTML5, not Flash – this means you won’t need to bother installing players. Our HTML5 games are curated carefully, and run on every device equipped with a web browser, so you’ll be able to fire one up and get gaming, without spending any time scrolling through a tedious web store.
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