Tiger games

Fun in Stripes!

Tiger games! It’s no secret that all tigers are majestic! They are powerful and incredible to observe. But have you ever wished that maybe just for one day you could be one? To walk the plains with grace and power? To hunt and experience life in the wilds while being one of the most beautiful creatures in the natural world?

Well now you can! Playing our tiger games lets you get up close and personal with these magnificent animals while tuning in to their instincts and needs. You will get to stroll around your habitat encountering other tigers from your family. You also go off on solo missions looking for prey to hunt. These tiger games require determination and skill. How else will you bring down a wild hog to satiate your tiger appetite?

If you love tigers and everything to do with them look no further than to our amazing tiger games!

Tiger Time!

There is lots of fun to be had with our tiger games! From exploring rich environments to going on thrilling hunts there is something for everyone. Tigers are amazing animals! So, of course video games about them are a recipe for success. In our tiger games you get to learn and experience firsthand what tigers go through in their day-to-day. You might see them fending off interest from other tigers. Or you might see them biting off more than they can chew only to pay the terrible price.

Don’t forget that large animals will have their own defenses so there’s no such thing as an easy lunch. Tiger games will allow you to understand how experienced in hunting these big cats can be. How social they truly are! You will even get to change the tiger’s colors and the tiger’s origins! There are many different types of tiger and you can view life through their eyes whenever the mood takes you.

Not Just Big Cats!

You must always remember that tigers are wild animals. Tigers are not just big cats! A little catnip and a ball of string won’t be enough to contain them. They are creatures full of power and grace. With our tiger games you will learn all about them in vivid detail. In a sense these games also act as both a teaching and learning experience. So if you want to have fun while learning then these are the perfect games for you!

Our tiger games are incredibly varied and there is something here for everyone! In one game you could be playing through an intense hunt and in another you could be simply customizing your tiger and its stripes. It all depends on what kind of game you want to play. Do you want to learn tiger facts while customizing them? Or do you want to engage in thrilling and intense territorial fights between powerful tigers? It's all about your choice and what you want to do!

Tiger Extravaganza!

While leopards can’t change their spots you can change the tiger’s stripes! By doing this you might also be changing the tiger’s origin. Our tiger games teach you all about the different types of tigers and what makes them unique and different. With so many cool and interesting tigers we thought it would be fun to list just a few of them!

These are just some of the tigers you will meet in our amazing tiger games:

  • Siberian Tigers: This fearsome tiger is considered to be one of the biggest in size! They live in cold and snowy mountainous regions. This is why they have thick fur to protect themselves against the freezing cold. They also tend to be a paler and more vibrant orange. You will find Siberian tigers in games set in very snowy environments.
  • Bengal Tigers: This is one of the most well-known tiger breeds! When you picture a tiger the Bengal Tiger is the one that usually comes to mind. It is one of the oldest tiger species and has been around for a long time. It has orange fur and white tufts around the ears. Some Bengal tigers are born with white fur and blue eyes due to a genetic mutation. You will find plenty of these tigers in our games!
  • Sumatran Tigers: These tigers can only be found in the Indonesian island of Sumatra. They tend to be smaller than other breeds but have lighter builds with significantly less weight. Their stripes are a distinguishing feature. Their stripes are dark and more defined and they even have stripes on their forelegs. In our games when you put stripes on the tiger’s forelegs you are making a Sumatran tiger!
  • Caspian Tigers: Although these tigers have long since been extinct you can still play as them in our games! These tigers had mutated colors and were actually gray in color! They were also incredibly big with the largest specimen being 11.8 feet long! You can play as these amazing and powerful tigers in our games!

These are just some of the tiger breeds you will get to see and play as in our tiger games! There are many more tigers to meet and learn about so the fun will never stop!

Tiger Games on GamePix

Here at GamePix we have brought together a vast and varied collection of tiger games! There are many for you to choose from and explore. The best part about our tiger games is that they are all entirely free to play! You don’t have to spend anything to play with these amazing creatures and learn all about them. All you need is a device with a web browser and you are good to go!

Without the need for any extra installations or extra software you are simply left with a fast and straightforward way to play. All of our games are instantly accessible! You can play all of them from the comfort of your screen and even while you wait for the bus. Hard to believe, right? Well it's real! We at GamePix love to play games anywhere we go and we know you do too!

If you are ready to experience a little jungle life then start playing our tiger games! They are fit for players of all ages. All you need is a passion and a love for tigers and you will be ready for all the amazing big cat adventures that await you!


Are your tiger games free to play?

Yes! All of our tiger games at GamePix are free to play! In fact the entirety of our gaming catalog is entirely free to play! You won’t need any expensive equipment either. All you need is a device with a web browser and you will be ready to game!

Can I play tiger games at home?

Yes! You can play our tiger games at home! You can play them anywhere you want! Are you waiting on the bus and find yourself a little bored? Boot up any of our tiger games and have fun! They are all that portable!

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