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Heroes in a Half Shell

Ninja turtle games at GamePix are incredibly popular among fans of the famous Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. You’ll find a huge selection of online games for everyone right here at GamePix!

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have become cultural icons since the comic series first began in 1984. If you’re already a fan of the ninja turtles, you may have been introduced to their antics through this original comic. You might also have been a fan of the animated series that debuted in 1987. You could even be brand new to the ninja turtles, perhaps looking forward to the upcoming animated feature by director Seth Rogan! In any case, ninja turtle games are designed to be fun for everyone. Even if you aren’t familiar with the franchise, you can be sure that the humor and heart of the titular turtles will remind you why they are so iconic.

The exploits of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have been adapted into video games many times over the years, with the first ever interpretation appearing on the NES in the late 1980s. Today, however, there are a huge variety of ninja turtle games to choose from, and unsurprisingly GamePix has a whole host of ninja turtle games for players to enjoy.

Jump Into the Action

Our online ninja turtle games will see you assume the role of one of the heroic turtles and set out to fight evil! You’ll be able to choose between Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello and Raphael. It all depends on which turtle is your personal favorite.

Each of the four ninja turtles has a very different playstyle, which means you have a range of options for defeating your opponents! Our online ninja turtle games have been developed with every skill level in mind, so whether you’re brand-new to action beat ‘em ups or a seasoned pro, you’ll be a master ninja in no time!

Once you’ve picked up the simple, easy-to-learn controls of the online ninja turtle games you’ll be fully immersed in the role of your favorite turtle. Get ready to become a pro at:

  • chaining attacks together in satisfying combos.
  • using each turtle’s specific moves to your advantage.
  • saving the world from the evil Shredder!

A legion of baddies will stand between you and the safety of New York City, but they’ll be no match for you and your turtle of choice! It’s time to pick your favorite turtle and jump into the fight.

Meet the Turtles

If you’re brand-new to the world of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, you may not be familiar with the various characters or their specialties. After playing ninja turtle games, however, you'll see there's a lot more to these turtles than eating pizza and cracking jokes!

Leonardo, the headstrong leader of the ninja turtles, dons a blue bandana. His signature weapons are two katana swords, which he skillfully wields against his enemies. While he doesn’t openly refer to himself as the leader of the ninja turtles, he tends to call the shots within the group. He can sometimes seem a little serious compared to the rest of the gang, but he has a good sense of humor too! If you enjoy being the leader and having other turtles look up to you, Leonardo is the perfect choice. He is also very skilled at dicing enemies to ribbons with his katana!

Raphael is a hot-headed fighter who often acts impulsively, but the safety of the group is always his top priority. Raphael wears a red bandana, and his favored weapons are twin sai. Raphael’s sai are perfect for quick, sharp strikes at the enemy. He sometimes bumps heads with Leonardo over his authority, but deep down he knows it’s best to work together with his fellow turtles. You may like to play as Raphael if you enjoy rebellious, fiery characters with unmatched strength.

Donatello is an intelligent, science-loving turtle who often invents gadgets and vehicles to help the gang out of their various jams. He wears a purple bandana and uses a bo staff to great effect in combat. He is unofficially regarded as the second-in-command of the group, mostly due to his impressive understanding of science, though he is also prone to speaking in confusing technobabble! Donatello is perfect for players who want to be the tech expert of the group, using complicated inventions to save the day—or those who like the idea of beating their enemies with a long stick!

Finally, there’s Michelangelo, the fun-loving turtle who wears an orange bandana. He is the youngest of the turtles and is often viewed as immature by his older brothers. He is permanently optimistic and always ready with a wisecrack, but don’t let his easygoing nature fool you—Michelangelo is just as devastating in combat as his brothers, bringing the pain with his signature nunchucks. Michelangelo is perfect if you’re looking to play as a superfast, agile character who is far more powerful than he seems.

Becoming the Ninja Turtles

Fans can be assured that these ninja turtle games perfectly capture the spirit of the original comics, movies and animated series. Each of the four main characters have kept not only their sense of humor but also their heroic nature—the only difference is that this time it’ll be you saving the world alongside the turtles.

You’ll be duking it out with waves of enemies in the sewers of New York City next to plenty of familiar faces. Splinter, the grandmaster and father figure of the ninja turtles, will be there to guide you toward mastering your chosen playstyle. Of course, you’ll also be squaring off against the diabolical Shredder in your quest to save the world! It’ll be up to you to stop Shredder’s latest scheme to put all of New York City in mortal danger. In ninja turtle games, you’ll find all the fun and personality you’d expect from the iconic turtles, except now you are controlling the action!

Ninja Turtle Adventures at GamePix!

Here at GamePix, your antics with the ninja turtles can go on for as long as you like! All of our online ninja turtle games are completely free to play and are available on any device with access to a web browser. This means that you can leap back into the fight whether you’re at home or on the go! Best of all, these online browser games require no downloads at all. There’s never been a better time to revisit the ninja turtles—or to discover them for the first time!


Are ninja turtle games free?

All of the ninja turtle games we have here at GamePix are completely free to play and accessible to all! Jump in and don your bandana today!

Why are ninja turtle games so popular?

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is an iconic franchise with a huge nostalgia factor for many people. Whether you’re a fan or not, there’s plenty to love about these charming and exciting ninja turtle games. The lovable characters combined with the thrilling action gameplay guarantee that you’ll never want to sheathe your sword!

What are the most popular ninja turtle?