Fantasy Flight games

It Started with a Board Game!

Fantasy Flight Games is a renowned board game publisher founded in 1995 in Minnesota. Also known as FFG, the company initially focused on publishing role-playing games. For decades, groups of friends have played these tabletop games for hours, transporting themselves into other worlds and universes as fantasy replaces reality. FFG had a clear goal, which was to expand their portfolio to include the best board games, card games and other tabletop gaming products available.

In the early 2000s, Fantasy Flight Games acquired licenses to develop games based on established ideas and franchises. This was a gigantic shift in their strategy and expanded their universe even further. They could now boast household names, including Game Of Thrones, Warhammer, Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings, on top of their existing range of beloved games. This innovative series of collaborations resulted in localized editions of games in different languages, and a number of brand-new markets. As their tabletop gaming business expanded so did their interest in online gaming. As technology improved, so did the opportunities for the gaming industry—and fans could experience these games on their screens for the first time.

Let Your Imagination Soar!

What makes fantasy flight games different to other video games on the market is the depth of storytelling. With epic adventures and perilous quests, fantasy flight games are known for their strategic gameplay and thematic depth. You’ll be transported to a virtual world capable of absorbing you for hours. Successful titles include Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game and The Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-Earth.

What You Need

Is there somewhere that collects the best of these online fantasy flight games in one place? Ideally for free? You guessed it—right here at GamePix! What’s more, you won’t need to worry about downloading software (and the compatibility issues that all too often go with it)—since you play through your browser everything will be seamless. GamePix takes online fantasy games to a whole new virtual level—one where you can give your imagination a break, sit back and let your screen draw you in.

Fantasy Flight Games Here at GamePix

Life The Game is full of charm, adventure and genuine emotion! It is rare to play a game that contains such a range of challenges, obstacles, heartbreak and joy. Life The Game follows all the decisions you face from birth though to death. You’ll start with the first challenge all of us face—being born! Time your clicks to escape from your mother’s womb. If you think screaming and crying as a newborn baby is an unusual way to start a game, you haven’t seen anything yet! As your character gets older the game throws more challenges at you. You have to do your math homework, go on dates, meet someone special, make money, make friends and live life to the full! Anything that happens in real life, you will experience here. Life The Game has a strong sense of humor, is full of imaginative ideas and promises to put a smile on your face!

Magikmon is a role-playing game set in a colorful 2D world where you capture different monsters as you work through the levels. Your character lives in a magical universe full of unusual and wonderful creatures, so every level is an exciting new multi-sensory experience. If you love Pokémon you will certainly love Magikmon! Collect as many Magikmon as you can in this world celebrating adventures, mythology, primal fear and pop culture.

If you like your games to be a little more studious and thoughtful, Narrow One is for gamers who love strategy, planning ahead, studying maps and patiently waiting for the exact moment to pounce! Use your patience, accuracy and mind games to accurately aim your bow and arrow at enemies on the battlefield. No-one will win this game by rushing and being trigger happy. The more thoughtful you are, the more rewards you will receive.

Long Term Benefits of Fantasy Flight Games

Your brain craves fun and excitement! This is something you will be able to find here with our games at GamePix. What is particularly true of our fantasy flight games is the way you need to apply your brain. Keeping your mind occupied is vital, no matter your age. Research has shown that people who engage in short, regular activities are likely to maintain healthy cognitive function well into their older years. Most importantly, playing games for a long time can be a vital way to unwind after a tense or busy day. Each time you play one of the GamePix fantasy flight games you are letting everyday stresses and tension go, and by the time you have completed your quest or made significant progress in your game, you will probably feel like a different, happier person.


Can video games ever be as good as playing tabletop games with my friends?

We don’t expect online games to ever completely replace the classic tabletop game format. In fact, we love that people will always play games in the traditional way. However, we are confident that those who have never played fantasy flight games online will be pleasantly surprised at the enjoyment that comes from playing them on a screen. And there are added bonuses of playing online too—the most important being that there is always someone to play with. Gone are the days of having to call off your weekly tabletop game because your fellow player got a hot date or found themselves stuck without a babysitter! Also, on a more practical (but no less important) level, playing fantasy flight games online means your pieces will never go missing or get damaged, you never have to bother to tidy up afterwards and you never have to worry about having enough space to store the game in your tiny studio flat! Even if you are familiar with the classic rules of certain traditional games there will always be lots of new fun to be had with our games here at GamePix.

Are fantasy flight games suitable for children?

They are! As with all games, you need to check that what your child is playing is suitable, but we have found that children love to play fantasy flight games on their own, with friends or as a bonding experience with their parents. Children love to be able to play games with the adults in their lives, and fantasy flight games offer the perfect opportunity to go on adventures together and explore the virtual world with the people you love!

What are the most popular fantasy flight?