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What are scrabble games?

Scrabble online lets you play against the computer and test your language skills. The game takes the same format as the classic board game, so you place your tiles on the board to create words that score points. Like the board-game version, special tiles and squares can also give you bonuses, so you can make the most of triple word scores to rack up extra points. Remember, rarer letters like Q or Z score more points, so plan how to use your tiles carefully. With scrabble online, you can also select the level of the computer, so you can learn how to play on the easier levels before ramping up the difficulty – on the hardest level, it’s like playing against a Scrabble master. But on the easier levels, you even have the option to see the computer’s tiles if you’re struggling. The best scrabble games are popular because  they allow you to improve your vocabulary and your spelling. Plus, they’re also incredibly educational and you can choose a length of game to suit you. This includes a speedy game you can complete in a short break, or a lengthy battle that lasts for hours. Our scrabble online games offer the same fun and challenge as the original game, but you also have the chance to try different variations to test your skills even more. You can play against the computer or play against a friend to get bragging rights. On Gamepix, all our scrabble online games are free, unblocked and presented in HTML5. This means that you don’t need to install anything and the games don’t use Flash, so they can be run on any browser and device. With our scrabble online games, you can sharpen your spelling skills with a fast-paced game.
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