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What are open world games?

If you prefer a free-flowing, spontaneous gameplay experience, you won’t want to waste your time with linear goal-based options when open world games are the perfect form of online escapism. It’s no secret that open-world-game formats have been used since the 1980s, with Mercenary widely credited as the first, back in 1985, but it wasn’t until the release of Grand Theft Auto III that the design really came into its own. This game set a whole new standard whereby gamers can now move freely around a virtual world, interacting with people and objects that might have previously been off limits. Simulating reality and letting you develop your character allows a far more immersive experience. The other great thing is that although there is often no definite goal in open world games, they allow the player to enjoy the experience for longer. The lack of a rigid structure makes them feel they are in control, too. Gamepix offers you the chance to get out and experience open-world play for yourself, through HTML5 games that will run on any device or browser, with no need for plug-ins or additional software. All the games are free and unblocked, so there’s no stumbling blocks to your adventures. From old world discovering and conquering to modern day crime sprees and everything in between, there’s an open-world platform waiting for you to pick an avatar and dive in. The only question is: will you create a digital version of yourself to explore the virtual world with, or will you to let your imagination take flight? The decision is yours!
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