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What are tiger games?

It’s no secret that big cats are majestic, powerful and incredible to observe, but have you ever wished that, maybe just for one day, you could be one? To walk the plains, hunt and experience life in the jungle, while being one of the most beautiful creatures in the natural world? Well, now you can. Playing out tiger simulator games lets you get up close and personal with these magnificent animals, while giving in to their instincts and needs. Using your keyboard, you can stroll around your habitat, encountering other cats from your family, before going off on solo missions, looking for prey to hunt, and it won’t be as simple as just clicking and winning! You’ll need to be determined if you are going to bring down a wild pig to satiate your big-cat appetite and you might need to fend off interest from other tigers at the same time. Don't bite off more than you can chew, however, as you might wind up hurt. Don’t forget that large animals will have their own defences, so there’s no such thing as an easy lunch. As you get more experienced in your hunting and socialise more, you will find that you can change your color and live as a different tiger whenever the mood takes you. So, while leopards can’t change their spots, you can accessorise your stripes! Here at Gamepix, we have brought together the best tiger games, all of which are unblocked and free to play, offering gamers of all ages the opportunity to experience a little jungle life. HTML5 formatting allows you to enjoy your big-cat adventure on any device and with the support of any browser, but remember that these are wild animals, so a little catnip and a ball of string won’t be enough to contain their awesome power as you play!
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