Unblocked Games For School

School’s Out!

In this part of our site you will find all of our amazing online games for school! Gaming truly transcends all ages. It is a pastime that can be enjoyed by everyone but it is especially exciting for people of younger ages! Kids in school cannot wait to get out of the classroom and into the amazing world of video games! And we can’t blame them! Here at GamePix we have plenty of games to keep you amused and help you enjoy your school downtime a whole lot more!

If all of your homework is done and all of your chores and responsibilities are finished, what’s the harm in playing a few games? These online games for school will keep your brain occupied and sharp! We know that all work and no play makes you cranky. And that's not good! But you will never be cranky again when you dive into our collection of fantastic online games for school! Is it recess time yet?

Enjoy Recess!

Our online games for school have something for everyone! If you are a platforming fanatic we have got you covered! If you prefer to spend your free time leveling up and mastering new moves we have those games as well! Are you a genius when it comes to puzzle games? Then look no further because our games for school are filled with amazing puzzles as well.

But there’s nothing worse than finding a game that you love and not being able to play it during a free period at school. This happens more times than we can count. But why do schools block games? Because they want you to concentrate more on your studies than having fun online. They want to make sure you are not accessing anything inappropriate. We totally support safe gameplay! We are also confident that there is nothing wrong with some harmless video game distraction during a free period!

Leave Those Kids Alone!

Our online games for school are not like other games for a reason. When you play our games you will not run into any of the issues permeating other games. You will never run into a screen telling you the game is blocked by some software or firewall. They are made with ease of access in mind. And why shouldn’t you play them? Games are a good source of positive energy especially after having a bad or really busy day.

If a game relaxes you before your next class then go for it! We have made sure that our online games for school provide you with a quick and entertaining way to play. Have a few minutes to spare before your next class? Feeling anxious and tired from the previous class? Boot up any of our games and enjoy yourself! Just remember to always keep your homework up to date and pay attention in class!

Unblocked Games for School on GamePix

With such a vast and varied catalog of online games for school you will have plenty to choose from! What makes our games so special and instantly accessible is that they are all free to play! You don’t have to spend a single thing to play them. That’s not all! Our online games for school require absolutely zero extra downloads! No need for extra installations or extra softwares! You just pick one and start playing! The cherry on top is that they are completely online and safe! No firewall or restriction will stop you.

Another amazing feature of all our online games for school is that they are portable! You can play them anywhere you want! Are you on a free period? Then you can start playing there! Are you waiting for the bus? No worries you can also play our games then! You can even play them at home if you want! All of these games are instantly accessible and that's the point! You won’t have to worry about anything except having the time of your life!

We have a vast collection of online games for school! Take a look at just a few of our amazing games:

  • King Of Thieves: Become the ultimate thief in King Of Thieves! In this awesome online game for school you are tasked with stealing all the kingdom’s riches. You will have to use your cunning and your thief abilities to achieve your goals! Beware! There are plenty of enemies and obstacles ahead! Will you be able to steal every single coin?
  • Dark Lands: Battle your way through hordes of enemies with this fast-paced game! You will have to avoid obstacles and defeat your enemies to progress and reach the end. Dark Lands is a fantastic online game for school that is thrilling and entertaining! Will you be able to save the Dark Lands from the clutches of evil?
  • Flip Goal: What's better than playing a quick match of soccer during recess? Playing it virtually! You will not be sweating or running around with Flip Goal! This online game for school is perfect to clear the mind and have a lot of fun! If you are stressed out because of school then play this amazing game and your stress will be gone!
  • Badland: Will you solve the mystery that plagues the Badlands? In this online game for school you are thrown into an unknown place and must find your way out. In Badland you will experience a narrative filled with mystery and fun! You will be flying through the Badlands avoiding enemies and obstacles! Will you be able to learn what happened to these lands?
  • Calming Lia: Are you a fan of puzzle games? Well then this online game for school is perfect for you! In Calming Lia you will run through many match 3 puzzles, each more complex than the next! This game will really test your cunning and your puzzle-solving ability. If you think your homework has been too easy as of late then boot up this amazing puzzle game and have at it! Show everybody just how smart you are!

If any of these games sound like fun then what are you waiting for? You can play all of them and more for free! We at GamePix hope you can have a good time and relax after class with our catalog of online games for school. Time for a break wouldn’t you say?


Can I play these games during a free period?

Yes! Our games are instantly accessible and are all online! This means that you can pick a game and play it immediately, so you don’t have to worry about anything restricting you. If you have a free period or its recess time then boot up our games and get to playing!

Can I play these games at home?

Yes! You can play these games anywhere you want! They are all free to play and require zero installations or software downloads. All you need is a device with a web browser and you are good to go! You can even play these games while you are waiting for the bus!

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