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Deliver Us From Frustration

If you’re trying to play Miniclip games but the site is blocked for you, then you’re probably desperately looking for Miniclip Unblocked games. It’s an incredibly frustrating experience to decide you want to play something, only to be blocked at the last moment because of a firewall or network policy.

The Undeniable Success of Miniclip Games

Miniclip games is a huge site and a very popular gaming resource. It is visited by over 400 million players each month, spread across six continents and more than 190 countries. The Miniclip Facebook page alone has been liked more than three million times. Perhaps most astonishing is the fact that they have racked up seven billion mobile downloads over their twenty years of existence. It’s a staggering number. The Miniclip site claims to be the largest of its kind on the internet and that may very well be true. It’s certainly one of the very biggest, no matter how you look at it.

The Miniclip Formula That You Love

There are a million factors you could point to that might explain Miniclip’s unbelievable success. These are just a few, but they are useful when you’re trying to understand the phenomenal popularity of this much-loved gaming site;

  • They don’t just publish internet games, they also develop, publish and distribute multiplayer mobile games. This gives them a unique perspective on the mobile games market.
  • A huge player base lets Miniclip test games on a much bigger audience, giving them a great advantage when it comes to tuning gameplay to perfection.
  • Miniclip has generally pursued monetization very conservatively so as to avoid harming the enjoyment of the player. This is fairly rare among major players in the mobile space and no doubt buys Miniclip a lot of loyalty with their fans.
  • On Miniclip, players can record their own unique avatars, complete with customizable clothing and accessories to make things even more fun. This element of individualization has been popular with fans who like to feel that their identity is reflected in their gaming experience.
  • High scores can be made public via each player’s profile. This social element to the platform is a big draw for the sorts of players who really value a sense of community in the games they play. It also fosters a healthy dose of competition, making the old rivalry between player and scoreboard just that little bit more personal.
  • They’ve grown their audience to the point where it is huge, influential and seems to be very much self-sustaining. Being large brings many economies when it comes to developing top quality games.
  • As well as browser-based games, the company has quite a few successful mobile titles to its name.

A Victim of its Own Success

Being so big makes Miniclip games very visible, and that visibility brings the attention of internet policy makers. It’s not uncommon for network administrators to block certain types of internet sites. The blocked sites can range from gaming sites to file-sharing platforms. The reasons for the block vary with the organization blocking them, but include;

  • Bandwidth restrictions — public networks might need to prevent their users taking up too much of the network’s capacity. Blocking sites that host high-data content such as streaming sites and games sites is an easy way to help with that.
  • To encourage focus — offices and campuses alike might try to ban anything that might distract employees or students from what they’re supposed to be doing. Game sites are going to be one of the first categories on that list, and for good reason. Online games can be too much fun!
  • To improve security — it may just be that some game sites get blocked as a side-effect of a very aggressive security policy. The internet is a wild place, after all. Bigger organizations often play it safe when it comes to what sites they grant access to.

Whatever the reason, it amounts to the same thing — you can’t play the Miniclip games that you love and now you’re searching the internet for Miniclip unblocked games. Well, luckily for you, your search has come to an end! You have arrived!

Miniclip Unblocked Games Here On Gamepix

There’s something for just about everyone: from classic puzzlers to cutting-edge maze-runner games. You’ll find some of the very best entries from the entire Miniclip library right here. So if Miniclip browser games are blocked for you, then you’ve got here a fantastic alternative to hand: what are you waiting for? Choose a game and have some fun!


Can you still play Miniclip Games?

Yes, you can! In fact, you can do it right here with just one click or tap. We have a selection of Miniclip Unlocked games here for you to choose from. Like every one of our browser games her on GamePix, they are completely free and will work on any device with a web browser. You don’t need to download or install anything — you just need an internet connection. So if the Miniclip games site is locked for you, why not play Miniclip unblocked games right here?

How do you get Miniclip games?

That’s easy! You get Miniclip games by visiting us here in the Miniclip Unblocked games section of GamePix. Our selection of Miniclip unblocked games, like all of our other games, are browser games. That means you don’t have to download or install anything ever and they work on whatever device you’re using. It couldn’t be easier. Click or tap on the Miniclip unblocked game that you want to play and you’re off. See? Easy.

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