Kizi Unblocked Games

One of the Biggest Gaming Sites

Kizi is one of the most popular online gaming sites on the internet, with variety and fun at its core. The site caters mostly to children and teenagers, but there’s no reason why adults can’t enjoy its huge selection of games too!

Kizi’s player base is consistently huge, bringing in around 30 million unique visitors every month! The reasons behind its sustained popularity not only lie with its enormous variety of games to play, but also with its simple, easy to navigate website. You’ll easily be able to find exactly the kind of game you enjoy the most!

The central aim of Kizi is to provide a safe space for both children and parents to have fun and enjoy themselves playing a range of online games of many different types and genres. With no downloads required to get started, players can jump right into the endless fun and find their new favorite games!

Kizi’s Very Own Mascot!

While you’re browsing through the site for new games to play, you’re bound to come across Kizi on your search. Kizi is the site’s mascot, and he’s a super cute, one-eyed alien who likes to collect coins and special powers in his very own games!

If you’re a fan of Kizi, he would love for you to join him in his own adventures, which you can find on the Kizi site. While his most popular titles involve him powering up and collecting as many stars and coins as he can, there are plenty of other games starring Kizi and his friends! For those wanting to see what else the mischievous alien gets up to, you’ll find him;

  • Taking to the track and racing to the finish in Kizi Kart,
  • Helping you as you become mayor of a cute alien town that is yours to manage in Kizi Town,
  • Throwing some hoops in Kizi Basketball,
  • Exploring his very own house, ready for you to take care of him and play minigames together in My Kizi.

Dizzying Variety

No matter what your preferred game type is, there’s no question that you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for at Kizi. Whether you enjoy long game sessions or quick bursts here and there, Kizi knows that variety and fun is what great games are all about.

Kizi’s most popular genres are action, adventure and platformer titles, but the website’s selection extends to challenging puzzlers, exciting multiplayer games and even educational math-based games! Children and parents alike will be amazed at the amount of content available, and can spend many hours playing Kizi’s games together.

Fighting Fun

If you’re on the hunt for arcade-style thrills, Kizi has got you covered. Action platformers with enemies to defeat and treasures to collect, as well as adventure games with RPG elements and the ability to level up your character.

You’ll also find a range of exciting fighting games, whether you’re looking for a one on one duel or an all-out brawl, your perfect fighting experience is waiting for you. Sword fights, shootouts and even wrestling and boxing games ensure the excitement will never run out. All this and much more in Kizi’s massive selection of action games!

Multiplayer Madness

Kizi has a wealth of online multiplayer games available of all different types. Many of these games fall under the “io” category, which includes free-to-play games that are browser based and free of downloads. These titles are perfect for those looking for a casual, drop in and drop out experience that doesn’t require a huge amount of time to master. The most famous of these types of games is agar.io, in which you must grow the size of your circle in order to consume other player’s circles and win.

IO games can come under any genre or gameplay style, including:

  • Action platformers
  • Battle royales
  • Puzzle games
  • Sports games
  • And many more!

Barricades and Barbecues

For those looking for a more relaxing experience similar to management sims and casual point-and-click games, Kizi has plenty on offer in that category too. You can run your own restaurant and make sure you’re cooking dishes to your customer’s standards, or your very own hotel where you must build your reputation and make your guests comfortable.

For a more combat based twist on the management formula, you might like to become the general of a defending force in a strategy or tower defense title. In these games, you are charged with upgrading your fortress alongside your weapons and keeping your stronghold safe from enemy attack.

Whether you’re saving your forces from a relentless charge or perfecting a burger with just the right toppings, you’ll feel in full control of your player experience in Kizi’s management games.

Test Your Brain

You may prefer to play a simple adaptation of some of the oldest games ever played: card games. A wealth of card games ported to the screen are available for you to play, whether alone or through online multiplayer.

At the same time, you’ll find a whole host of math-related games to make your playing experience a much more educational one! These titles contain all the fun of a traditional platformer or puzzle game with a teaching twist! You’ll sharpen your number skills while having fun. Perfect for children and parents to play together!

Find Your New Favorite Game Today!

Kizi’s library of games is available to play no matter where you are thanks to its ability to run on any device and any browser! Once you’ve found your perfect game, you’ll be able to jump into a session at home or on the move. And with some of Kizi’s most popular games available on mobile app stores, you really will have total freedom to play whenever you’d like!


Are Kizi Games free?

All of the games available on Kizi are always free to play and accessible to all, including the games starring Kizi’s popular mascot! From casual to intense, and marathon gamers to short burst players, Kizi’s mammoth selection of fun, free titles is waiting for you.

Why are Kizi Games so widely played?

Kizi has so many loyal players due to its focus on accessible fun and endless variety, along with a set of categories you’ll find very easy to search through. The ability to jump in and play any game available in seconds, as well as Kizi’s unique mascot, make the website an extremely popular choice among players of online games.

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