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Fun Is Just A Click Away!

Kongregate Games has always been a fantastic site filled with online games for game-players and game developers, ever since its start back in 2006. Now, thanks to GamePix’s Kongregate Unblocked Games section, you too can experience a lot of the games Kongregate has to offer! More than that, you are free to play them without annoying online barriers or restrictions. In our Kongregate Unblocked Games section, fun is just a click away!

A Beautiful Start

We at GamePix love games and we know you love them too! The Kongregate Unblocked section is a perfect example of that. The section contains an amazing online games catalog for you to play instantly. And we mean instantly! To understand why the Kongregate Unblocked catalog is a fantastic addition to your library of games, all we need to do is look at the history of Kongregate Games and how it started.

One of the most important facts about Kongregate Games’ history is that it started thanks to the work of a brother and a sister, who were as passionate as we all are about games! Jim and Emily Greer formed a brother-sister team to create Kongregate Games. This is what makes Kongregate Games so unique and different from others of its kind!

What started as a family business between the two siblings quickly grew and brought in all kinds of equally passionate developers and game lovers! From the moment Kongregate Games was put together, it became a place where game-players and developers could be treated well and both had plenty of space to create and try online games, but more importantly to have worry-free fun!

Passing The Torch

A lot of worry-free fun was to be had! The approach that Jim and Emily took when building Kongregate Games helped them create a friendly community and provide a steady stream of great games. Now, there are more than 100,000 titles crammed into the Kongregate library of games, making it among the most popular sources for browser-based gaming anywhere on the internet.

Kongregate’s huge and rapid increase in the number of games, translated into an even bigger increase in the site’s popularity.. Jim and Emily Greer’s Kongregate Games began as an online web gaming portal that was open to the public a year after its creation. It was so successful that it even became a publisher for games!

This fast and well-earned success drew the eyes of GameStop, who bought the company in 2010 increasing its popularity and allowing it to grow its catalog of games. Kongregate Games changed hands again in 2017, in a purchase by the Swedish Modern Times Group who owns it to this day.

Both Jim and Emily Greer have since left the company but Kongregate Games remains one of the most popular sources for browser-based online gaming around!

Suffering From Success

GamePix fully understands that when a game catches your eye, you just want to click and play! In fact, we would not have it any other way. But this is unfortunately not always the case with Kongregate Games.

Due to the increasing popularity of the site, Kongregate Games began to be immediately targeted by pesky restrictions and blocked by firewalls from the networks of offices, schools and colleges. All restrictions were based on the security policies established by these organizations against public internet sites like Kongregate.

When these firewalls and restrictions are in place then playing games is not so simple as click and play. This is frustrating, we know. And if you are reading this, then you have probably experienced a blocked game and that very same frustration. But fear not! GamePix has the perfect solution for you!

Making It Simple

Let’s name the main reasons why you should be interested in reading this;

  • You want to play amazing, fun and thrilling games! We don’t blame you, that’s all we want to do every day of the week as well.
  • You saw Kongregate Game’s catalog of exciting games and many of them caught your eye and you want to play them immediately. We have been there too!
  • You have been blocked by a firewall or any other restriction and you cannot play those fantastic games. Frustrating and annoying, we get it.
  • You wish there was an easy, fast and uncomplicated way to play that game with just one click without being blocked or restricted. Well! Do we have amazing news for you!

We at GamePix have taken out all the annoying parts of blocked games and made it as simple as click and play! With our Kongregate Unblocked Games section, every game that catches your eye you will get to play instantly!

Click And Play

With over 100,000 games to choose from, Kongregate Games has many choices for you and the games you like! Many games and many hours of fun at the tip of your fingers! However, in Kongregate’s catalog there are many games that require a bit more than a simple click and that can be overwhelming and annoying. This is just not good enough for us or for you.

That is why we have selected only the best and most entertaining online browser games! If you own any devices with a web browser then you are in luck, because you will need a total of zero downloads, zero extra players and zero installations. That’s right! All you need is to go to the Kongregate Unblocked section and start playing and having fun in a matter of seconds!

Don’t waste any more time and find the perfect game for you in GamePix’s Kongregate Unblocked section. Where online games are free, unblocked and most importantly instantly playable! Fun is just a click away!


Can I play every game in the Kongregate Unblocked section?

Yes! You can absolutely play every single game in our Kongregate Unblocked section! The catalog is filled with an incredible variety of online games that are thrilling, exciting and fun! It might take a while to play all of them, but we think it’s the only way to find the perfect game for you!

Do I have to Install the games to play?

Not at all! That’s the most amazing part of the Kongregate Unblocked section! To play any of these online games all you need is a device with a web browser and that’s it! Just click and play any game that catches your eye. We love games and we know you do too! We also love when we can play games instantly with zero extra work!

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