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What are Coolmathgames Unblocked Games?

Started back in 1997, Coolmath Games had one mission – to make maths fun – and it claims to have done exactly that for millions of users. With sister sites aimed at younger gamers and those who want to improve their maths skills, Coolmath Games has been able to focus on training brains and bringing puzzle games into play. Despite offering nothing in the way of action games, the site claims that you won’t realise that your brain is being put through a rigorous workout. Coolmath Games has appealed to so many people around the world because it offers a huge variety of games. From logic and skill through to trivia, strategy and puzzle options, there is a perfect game for everybody, and they will all test the gray matter. Take Icy Purple Head as an example. It’s a popular platform game with tricky levels and lethal obstacles, plus it makes you think about how to use your character’s power to progress. Check out our library of titles and you’ll be surprised by what we have, as well as being impressed by some of our alternatives!
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