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What are fantasy flight games?

Fantasy Flight Games know what they’re doing when it comes to producing games that everybody will want to play, and that’s thanks to the use of licensed franchises. After all, who doesn’t want to enjoy some Star Wars fun? Or maybe go on a mission with the characters from BattleLore? These are just two of the impressive licenses being utilized, with more including Marvel and Game of Thrones also offering a potential glimpse at future game releases. Whichever type of game you’re in the mood for, from strategy through to survival and tactical combat, you’ll find them all right here on Gamepix, under the Fantasy Fight Games umbrella, which lets you play fantastical games that previously, might only have been open to you in card, board or role-playing formats. Well-known for creating a broad spectrum of games, there’s something for everybody in the Fantasy Flight stable and everything has brilliant storytelling built in. Take Elder Sign: Omens as an example. You’ll be transported to a virtual world of creepy museums and the occult that will see you playing the role of investigator. You’ll become immersed in the otherworldly horror, while, hopefully, being impressed at how faithful the narrative and experience has stayed to the original role-playing dice game of the same name. There’s also the more light-hearted Hey, That’s My Fish! Here at Gamepix, we have sought to bring you closer to all of the Fantasy Flight Games action, which is presented in HTML5 for your enjoyment. You won’t need to worry about downloading new software or even device and browser compatibility as everything will be seamless and best of all, the fun is all totally free and unblocked. Taking fantasy games to a whole new virtual level, you can give your imagination a break and let your screen draw you in.
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