What are 2 player games?

Video games make all kinds of experiences possible. Some of them you can enjoy on your own, but others are best shared with a friend. Two-player gaming has been around for almost as long as video games have, because those early AI opponents didn’t pose much of a challenge. But the two-player experience hasn’t ever gone away: there are now thousands of games geared toward challenging two gamers to work together against a series of obstacles and opponents – or pitting those same players against one another! Through the internet, it’s now possible to bring together hundreds of players into the same environment, but there’s something more intimate about limiting the player count to just two. Some of the most enduringly popular games in history are best enjoyed with the help of a willing friend. Just think of beat-em-ups like Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter: aren’t they much more fun when you’re fighting against a friend? And what about those classic side-scrolling shooters like Gunstar Heroes and Contra; when you’re facing off against the enemy, you want the satisfaction that comes with knowing that your buddy has got your back! Then there’s the power of split-screen, which allows us to race, shoot and outplay one another like never before.Some two-player games are more strategic. Digital recreations of popular tabletop games like chess and pool are enormously popular, as are role-playing games with intricate plots, grand themes and deep, rewarding combat. Whatever your taste in games, the chances are that there’s something out there that will help you to enjoy it with a friend.This part of the site has been devoted to our range of two-player games. Each is designed with multiplayer in mind, and, like all of our games, they’re made for HTML5, and playable on any browser or platform.

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