What are puzzle games?

Complex mathematical and logistical problems often arise from real-life work. But sometimes, we do them just for fun, via artificial puzzles. Entertainment like this has been around for as long as history records – just think of the riddles and mazes you find in ancient mythology.Modern puzzle games tend to take on regimented, tried-and-tested forms. In a daily newspaper you might find word searches, crosswords and sudoku puzzles. Puzzle toys, like jigsaws and Rubik’s cubes, are extremely popular. Sometimes, we even make one-off puzzles out of popular games, like chess.Over the years, video games have made a significant contribution to the art of puzzle-craft. The right puzzle game will test your mental powers just enough that you’re having fun, and provide you with small rewards for small successes. Just think of the way a row of blocks dissolves in Tetris, or the cascade effect you get by making the right switch in Bejeweled!Among the early puzzle games was Blockbuster for the Atari. Released in the early 1980s, it was a digital version of the classic Rubik’s Cube. Classics like Lode Runner, Puzzle Panic and Boulder Dash helped to popularize the genre. But it wasn’t until the release of Tetris and its subsequent bundling with the first Nintendo Game Boys in 1989, that things really took off for the puzzle genre.Nowadays, puzzle games are among the most popular category when it comes to casual online fun. The best of them are simple and elegant in design, and take advantage of the more realistic physics that’s possible on modern devices.In this part of the GamePix site, we’ve put together our collection of high-quality puzzlers. Each of them comes in unblocked HTML5 format, meaning that you’ll be able to play on whatever device you’re using, provided that it comes with a web browser.

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