What are Crazygames Unblocked Games?

Is CrazyGames blocked for you? Well, worry no more, because Gamepix has the solution for you. With our help, you’ll be playing all of your favorite games, completely unblocked, and without any downloads or installations to worry about. Since it first launched in 2013, CrazyGames has become one of the internet’s go-to sites for browser-based blasts of gaming fun. More than 7,000 titles have been added to the directory over the years, including .io games, Minecraft clones, multiplayer games and a whole lot more. The site is owned and run by a Belgian company called Maxflow BV – and it received more than 15 million clicks every month. So why not go there right now? Well, it isn’t always that easy. Unfortunately, some workplaces and education establishments have noticed that the people who visit CrazyGames, and sites like it, aren’t all that productive – and so they’ve done the only sensible thing and blocked the site. This is good news for those wishing to meet their deadlines and focus on their assignments, but not so much fun for those wishing to indulge in some unblocked HMTL5 gaming. And it’s not like we don’t have any self-control, is it? Now, if you knew what you were doing, and had a little bit of money to spend, you could get around this with the help of a VPN – but there’s a much easier way to get onto CrazyGames unblocked. We’ve got a raft of the games you used to play on the site, here. They’re all in HTML5, so you’ll be able to play them on just about any device. What’s more, they’re entirely free to play! So why not fire up a round of 2048, Slither.io, or Mahjong Classic right now?

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