What are Miniclip Unblocked Games?

Struggling to access Miniclip because it's blocked? It’s a problem that gamers across the world sometimes run into, especially when they’re trying to enjoy a game from school or college. Happily, we at Gamepix provide a solution: if you can’t get onto Miniclip, the chances are that you’ll be able to play your favorite game here instead. The Miniclip site claims to be the largest of its kind on the internet. It’s been around in one form or another since back in 2001 and boasts more than three million likes on Facebook. That’s a big deal! Over the years, the company claims to have racked up a billion mobile downloads, and the site attracts more than 200 million players every month. Among the ways this is done is through a lack of monetization, which has been pursued very conservatively so as to avoid harming the enjoyment of the player, and the growth of the audience. As well as browser-based games, the company has quite a few successful mobile titles to its name. What’s more, Miniclip players can record their own unique avatars, complete with customizable clothing and accessories to make things even more fun. What’s more, high scores can be made public via each player’s profile. There’s something for just about everyone: from classic puzzlers to cutting-edge maze-runner games. Included in the library are classics like Agar.io and 8 Ball Pool, the latter of which has racked up more than 17 million downloads on Google’s Play store. Both games are available to play here at Gamepix. In fact, there are dozens of entries into the Miniclip library which you’ll also find right here. So, if you're looking for games on Miniclip unblocked, don't despair – you’ve got a fantastic alternative to hand. What are you waiting for? Choose a game and have some fun!

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