What are bowling games?

For thousands of years, people have been entertaining by rolling balls at miniature pins. Archaeologists have found early bowling sets hidden in Ancient Egyptian ruins, and just about every society since then has played some version of the game.Today, the world’s most popular bowling variant is tenpin. Players take turns bowling their ball toward a triangular arrangement of balls at the end of a long, smooth wooden lane. Knock them all down at the same time and you score a strike. There’s just enough luck involved that everyone can have fun, but enough skill that you’ll get better the more you practise. Small variations in friction can make a difference between a perfect strike every time, and a perfect strike just 90% of the time. The sport is easy to recreate in a digital environment, and there have been plenty of bowling games and mini-games over the years. When the Wii and Kinect motion-sensitive hardware was released, it was bowling mini-games that proved the most memorable. Super Monkey Ball and its sequels also had bowling mini-games built-in.What if you’re looking to complete a bowling session but you don’t have access to a real bowling alley? Our range of quality HTML5 games will allow you to play a few rounds without working up a sweat. Like all of the entries in the Gamepix library, they’re free to play, and they’ll run on any platform with a web browser, without the need for downloads or installations.

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