What are basketball games?

Basketball is among the most widely-viewed sports in the world, with North America’s National Basketball Association by far the most prestigious league. Like just about every other popular sport, it’s spawned a steady stream of video games, each of which replicate the on-court action in an arcade or home console.The sport we all know today was first developed more than 100 years ago, in Massachusetts. It was designed to be a safer alternative to football, but over time it gradually grew to be popular in its own right, earning a competitive status in colleges, and then in professional circles. To begin with, basketball used peach baskets and soccer balls, until the players got sick of having to retrieve the ball after each basket, and switched to metal hoops with nets and backboards.Basketball was popular largely because it could be played in a small space. It spread across the world during World War I, when the US Army was fighting on mainland Europe, playing the game during spare moments.Basketball video games have ranged from the realistic, such as the popular NBA2K series, to the arcade-style, cartoon-like NBA Jam.With basketball being such a popular sport, it’s no wonder that it’s found its way into such a wide range of games – from simple, elegant puzzlers to more involved arcade-style action. If you’d like a slice of basketball action on your mobile device or desktop computer, then Gamepix’s range of unlocked basketball games provides a fantastic way to do it. Whatever your taste, HTML5 allows you to enjoy a few moments of basketball-driven gameplay, whether you’re playing on your mobile phone or desktop PC. There’s no software to install or stores to navigate: simply select your preferred game and get on the court!

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